DIDONDiffusion De Donnes (French Data Broadcasting System)
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De fait, Dirae et Furiae sont presque systematiquement associees au seuil dans l'Eneide, dans un emploi quasi formulaire qui nocculte pas la valeur religieuse mais au contraire la renforce: Didon est accablee par les avertissements terribles des propheties et par ses reves, et son delire est compare a celui d'Oreste poursuivi par les Dirae : ultricesque sedent in limine Dirae (IV, 473) ; dans le vestibule des Enfers, la chambre des Eumenides est sur le seuil : VI, 279: in limine bellum ferreique Eumenidum thalami; Allecto assiege le seuil d'Amata : tacitumque obsedit limen Amatae (VII, 343).
En la mas pura tradicion de los comerciantes fenicios, Didon acepto el reto y mando a cortar el cuero en tiras muy finas hasta que fue posible alcanzar con ellas un gran terreno, en lo que despues y hasta hoy se conoce como la colina de Byrsa.
And so I switched over, and did Didon for those concerts and that recording.
I enjoyed more delicious food at the beautiful Villa Didon Hotel next to the ruins of Carthage.
Domanski and Didon (1984) released their mathematical model of an air-to-air heat pump equipped with a capillary tube.
Summary: The Didon field offshore Tunisia has been producing mainly from three out of the field's five wells, according to operator PA Resources (PAR).
Racine also observes in the preface, "nous n'avons rien de plus touchant dans tous les poetes, que la separation d'Enee et de Didon, dans Virgile" (31) ("there is nothing more touching in any of the poets than the separation of Dido and Aeneas in Virgil" [223]).
The next day we headed to the Villa Didon boutique hotel where the swordfish carpaccio and sea bass were gorgeous.
The parameters identified by Domanski and Didon were first investigated to determine whether simulation results could be correlated; however, a satisfactory correlation could not be established since these parameters do not include all of the refrigerant-specific influences on cycle performance (as noted by Domanski and Didon).
Explica: "Esa divisa fue inventada por el frances Henri Didon, sacerdote dominico, director de un colegio religioso, quien decidio integrar el deporte al programa escolar de su establecimiento en 1890.
Over the fireplace is a Didon Comer painting of horses, which Mary says "captures the feeling of the farm.
Though looking forward to her debut in Berlioz's "The Trojans" this summer in Geneva, where she'll sing Didon (Dido in English), long an aspiration, she was passed over for the role by the Paris Opera three years ago.