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Cabigao did what he was trained to do - to die with honor and dignity of having accomplished the mission of neutralizing the two drug personalities who were the targets of the operation,' Albayalde said.
She is referring to the Palestinian song "Yoma Mwel Al-Hawa" (Where Will the Wind Take Me?) whose lyrics declare "I'd rather die with honor than live under oppression."
Mendenhall's right to be a skeptic, but there is only one side to the 9-11 terrorist attacks and only one lesson to be learned - what it means to live and die with honor.
Maybe that run helped people to think about the fact that the ones who die in battle are probably the lucky ones who, at least, get to die with honor.
The problem is not that Antar cannot again be born; it is not that, once born, he cannot die with honor. Rather, too many of the region's people are invested in celebrating those who wait to kill him.
2, a man put a bomb under a chair in a place filled with fellow men and women, enjoying an evening at a night market, and then scurried away like a filthy sewage rat-not even brave enough to strap that bomb to himself to die with honor.