DiefJohn G. Diefenbaker (Canadian prime minister)
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Los Angeles [USA], July 11 ( ANI ): Nelsan Ellis, the star of HBO's 'True Blood' dief of heart failure as a result of alcohol withdrawal complications, according to a statement issued by Nelsan's family.
(5.) Quoted in "Dief's place in history said modest by historians," Saskatoon Star-Phoenix, 18 August 1979, A5.
In fact, research identifies a direct causal effect of exposure to food advertising on children's dief; in particular, an increase in snack [31] and overall calorie consumption [17], an immediately lower intake of fruits and vegetables [32], and higher rates of obesity [33].
Model for capacity scalability in RMS based on control theoretic approach was proposed by Dief and ElMaraghy (2006a, b).
It was all too convenient for the Left to adopt Grant's writings as their own after the socialist New Democratic Party had embraced a progressivism that fit well with the Canadian establishment and the Kennedy administration, which wanted Dief gone for daring to stand up for a Canada free to make her own foreign policy.
Essam Abu Dief, Sales Manager, Saudi Yacht said, "We were keen on initiating a new project in the marina coast of Jizan, which will be a full resort to exhibit our marine products and accessories."
In a statement to mark the 23rd anniversary of the founding of Hamas, Dief said in a statement: "You [Israel] are going to disappear.
History buffs will recall that "Dief" came out of retirement to oppose his own party's two nations policy.