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DEPData Execution Prevention (computer security)
DEPDepartment of Environmental Protection
DEPDeployed (US DoD)
DEPDiplôme d'Etudes Professionnelles (French: Professional Studies Diploma)
DEPDipartimento di Economia Politica (Italian: Department of Economic Policy)
DEPDevice Enrollment Program (Apple)
DEPDillinger Escape Plan (band)
DEPDevelopment and Emergency Practice (degree; UK)
DEPDevelopment Education Project
DEPDivision de l'Enseignement Privé (French: Division of Private Education)
DEPDivision des Établissements Privés (French: Private Institutions Division)
DEPDisease Education Program (various organizations)
DEPDelta Epsilon Phi (German student honor society)
DEPDiethyl Phthalate
DEPDonor Egg Program (fertility)
DEPData Execution Prevention
DEPDescanse En Paz (Spanish: Rest in Peace)
DEPDirection de l'Education Permanente (French: Department of Further Education; est. 1974)
DEPDraka Elevator Products
DEPDiagnostic Environnement Prévention (French: Environment Prevention Diagnostics)
DEPDimanche de l'Eglise Persécutée (French: Sunday of the Persecuted Church)
DEPDébit Expiratoire de Pointe (French: peak expiratory flow)
DEPDesign Eye Position (human-machine user interface)
DEPDistributed Engineering Plant
DEPDepth-Of-Field Exposure Program (Canon)
DEPDisability Education Program (Australia)
DEPDisplaced Employee Program
DEPDesert Eagle Pistol
DEPData Entry Panel
DEPDisability Equality Partnership (UK)
DEPDesign and Engineering Practice
DEPDistal Embolic Protection (cardiology)
DEPDisney's Electrical Parade
DEPDroit de l'Environnement dans la Pratique (French)
DEPDesignated Export Point (shipping)
DEPDevelopment Education Programme
DEPDeaf Empowerment Program
DEPDeflection Error Probable
DEPData Encryption Peripheral
DEPDraft Equipment Publication
DEPDefense Enterprise Program
DEPData Encryption Processor
DEPDelayed Enlistment/Entry Program (US DoD)
DEPDomestic Emergency Preparedness (FEMA)
DEPDegressive Error Protection (algorithm)
DEPDivision des Etudes et de la Prospective (French: Division of Studies and Forecasting)
DEPDocument Enterprise Platform
DEPDirectory Enabled Provisioning
DEPDistributed Engineering Plan
DEPDigital Envelope Pre-Distorter (microwave theory)
DEPDual Element Pump
DEPDesign External Pressure
DEPDevelopment and Environmental Project (Tanzania)
DEPDescending Evoked Potential (neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring)
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And correspondingly, a host of particle sorting techniques have been developed in these years: for example, the fluorescence-activated cell sorting [2-4], magnetic-activated cell sorting [5-7], dielectrophoresis sorting [8, 9], and size-dependent sorting [10-12].
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The versatile Resealable Chip Interface System is ideal for a broad range of applications, including biosensor testing, cell culture analysis, dielectrophoresis experiments, impedance detection and applications where cleaning or replacement of some parts of the system is required between experiments.