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DPBDepartment of Planning and Budget (Virginia)
DPBDaily Press Briefing
DPBDiffuse Panbronchiolitis (lung disease)
DPBDomestic Purposes Benefit (New Zealand)
DPBDecoded Picture Buffer
DPBDefense Policy Board (US DoD)
DPBDocteur du Pare-Brise (French: Doctor's Windshield; cars; Canada)
DPBDeutsche Pétanque Bundesliga (German sports club)
DPBDental Practice Board (UK)
DPBDr. Pepper Bottling (beverages)
DPBDistrict Planning Board (India)
DPBDrive Parameter Block
DPBDesignated Professional Body (UK)
DPBDiscounted Payback (Period)
DPBDigital Paintball (Halflife paintball modification)
DPBDiffusion des Productions Basques (French: Basque Broadcast Productions)
DPBDienstelle für Personen mit Behinderung (French: Agency for Persons with Disabilities; Belgium)
DPBDonald P. Bellisario (TV writer, producer, director)
DPBDeployable Pursuit Boat
DPBDeposit Protection Board
DPBDouble Positioning Boundary
DPBDevice Parameter Block
DPBDigital Pulse Blanking (RF Interference Mitigation)
DPBDivision Property Book
DPBDirect Product Basis
DPBDivision of Particle Beams APS
DPBDeposit Policy Basis
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