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DEGermany (Deutschland; Internet top level domain)
DEDelaware (US postal abbreviation)
DEDesktop Environment
DEDeutsch (German)
DEDeutschland (German: Germany)
DEDead End
DEData Engineering
DEDark Energy
DEDriver Education
DEDesert Eagle
DEData Entry
DEDiesel Engine
DEDirector of Education
DEDigital Electronics
DEDerby (postcode, UK)
DEDevelopment Engineer
DEDesign Engineer
DEData Element
DEDouble Ended (metal halide lamps)
DEDeus Ex (game)
DEDefensive End (football)
DEDistance Education (course; various schools)
DEDestroyer Escort
DEDifferential Equation(s)
DEDepartment of Education (US)
DEDigital Environment
DEDiscrete Event (program specification)
DEDirected Energy
DEDouble Edge (shaving)
DEDale Earnhardt
DEDark Elf
DEDiesel Exhaust
DEThis is / From (Amateur Radio logging abbreviation)
DEDrive End
DEDetection Efficiency
DEDigital Engineering
DEDensity Evolution
DEDistinguished Engineer (various organizations)
DEDiplôme d'Etat (French: state diploma)
DEDail Eireann (Irish National Parliament)
DEDonor Egg (infertility; refers to IVF)
DEDiatomaceous Earth (filter)
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DEDose Equivalent
DEDonee (IRB)
DEDistrict Executive
DEDaily Egyptian (student newspaper; Carbondale, IL)
DEDirected Evolution
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DEDelayed Extraction
DEDesign Estimate
DEDeath Eater (Harry Potter)
DEDisenchant (gaming, World of Warcraft)
DEDelay Equalizer (US DoD)
DEDepth Electrode
DEDark Eldar
DEDeveloper Evangelist (Microsoft)
DEDomain Engineering
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DEData Exclusivity
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DEDarkness Eternal (website)
DEDiethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether
DEDynamics Explorer
DEDevelopment Ephemeris (Jet Propulsion Laboratory)
DEdegree of esterification
DEDesignated Examiner
DEDevelopment Estimate
DEDiscipline Engineer
DEDigital Exploitation
DEDecision Element
DEDesignated Engineer
DEDigital Enclosure
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DEIndividual Drift Error (US DoD)
DEDamage Expectancy
DEDoppler Extractor (US NASA)
DEDraconian Empire (gaming)
DEDissemination Element
DECondor Flugdienst GmbH, Germany (IATA airline code)
DEDivisions Exercise
DEDivision/District Engineer (Army Corps of Engineers)
DEDisposable Excess
DEDrums Equivalent
DETotal Drift error
DEDeployment Echelon
DEAssault Personnel Destroyer
DEDCS/Engineering & Services
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Even with ventilation, miners still face great risk for developing diseases such as lung cancer, heart failure, serious allergic responses and other cardiopulmonary problems caused by significant concentrations of particles from diesel exhausts.
The central government has been under even stronger pressure to take tougher measures against air pollution since 2000, when two court rulings acknowledged a causal relationship between diesel exhaust particles and health hazards in Amagasaki and Nagoya air pollution suits.
Makers of DEF that have demonstrated that their products meet the performance requirements in ISO 22241 may be licensed to display the API Diesel Exhaust Fluid Certification Mark.
Although NIOSH and NCI attempted to eliminate certain confounding factors by focusing on nonmetal mines, the DEMS does not adequately address other confounding factors including how cigarette smoke and non-diesel airborne pollutants impact workers' cancer risks, the use of carbon monoxide and horsepower as surrogates for diesel exhaust, and modeling 1998-2001 air survey data to the 1947-1997 study period where no actual diesel air monitoring data existed.
The environmental justice community has long advocated for the EPA to revisit its assessment of risks posed by diesel exhaust. The EPA's National Air Toxics Assessment (NATA) program is a national-scale assessment program focused on cancer risks and noncancer health effects of a variety of air toxics.
Cardiovascular effects of inhaled diesel exhaust in spontaneously hypertensive rats.
Several studies have linked diesel exhaust exposure to low birth weight in infants, premature births, and elevated infant mortality rates, besides a fall in sperm count in men.
As the negotiations stand at present, the planned joint venture would supply complete diesel exhaust systems to all engine and machinery manufacturers worldwide.
said it has improved the temperature detection accuracy of its newly developed diesel exhaust temperature sensor.
As the North American SCR Stakeholders Group explains on its Web site, DEF is injected into the diesel exhaust, where the urea and water break down the nitrogen oxide emissions into nitrogen, water and carbon dioxide.
Diesel exhaust from sources such as buses, trucks, and farm equipment is a major component of air pollution around the world and has been linked with lung cancer and other illnesses.
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