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DPFDiesel Particulate Filter
DPFDigital Photo Frame
DPFDivision of Particles and Fields (American Physical Society)
DPFDiversified Property Fund (various organizations)
DPFDynamic Properties Framework
DPFDocking Parameter File
DPFDownload Program Files
DPFDiffusion de la Pensée Française (French: Dissemination of French Thought; publishing company)
DPFDavis Phinney Foundation (Boulder, CO)
DPFDepartamento de Polícia Federal (Federal Police Agency - Brazil)
DPFDélégué aux Prestations Familiales (French: Delegate to Family Benefits)
DPFDistributed Packet Filtering (computing)
DPFDrug Policy Foundation
DPFDisplacement Power Factor
DPFDownloaded Program File (computing)
DPFDays Post Fertilization
DPFDécoupe de Précision à Fil (French: Precision Wire Cutting)
DPFDevelopment Policy Forum (EU)
DPFDuang Prateep Foundation (Thailand)
DPFDiscrete Packet Format
DPFDansk Petanque Forbund
DPFDiffusion Prestation Fiabilité (French: Diffusion Delivery Reliability; packaging company)
DPFDesarmaux Père et Fils (French industrial subcontracting company)
DPFDental Practitioners' Formulary
DPFDiscretionary Participation Feature (finance, accounting, insurance)
DPFDeadly Physical Force
DPFDaniel Pearl Foundation
DPFDisciples Peace Fellowship
DPFDigital Policy Forum
DPFDifferential Pressure Feedback (automotive)
DPFDatabase Partition Feature (data storage)
DPFDynamic Packet Filtering
DPFDual Power Feed (AT&T)
DPFData Path Function
DPFDynamic Pressure Feedback
DPFDynamic Protocol Filtering (IBM, technique used by MSS to dynamically assign membership in a PVLAN)
DPFDemocratic Professionals Forum
DPFDynamic Penalty Function
DPFDynamic Power Flatness (Agilent)
DPFDynamic Policy File (retail systems)
DPFDabalarovhiwa Patriotic Front (South Africa)
DPFDeepaloka Foundation (Sri Lanka)
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The diesel particulate filter market is the fastest growing segment in the medium and heavy-duty truck aftermarket, said John Finn, director of aftermarket marketing for Daimler Trucks North America.
A Diesel Regeneration Cycle is a function initiated by a vehicles computer (ECM) to trap un-burnt fuel in a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).
25 per litre of diesel particulate filters (DPF) that could generate USD2.
Volvo AB (NASDAQ: VOLV), a Sweden-based automaker, is extending engine oil and diesel particulate filter preventive maintenance service intervals on all new Volvo trucks equipped with the OEM's D11, D13 or D16 engines.
Installed in the exhaust systems downstream from the diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filter (DPF), it continuously adjusts the required pressure and re-circulates some of the vehicle's exhaust gas back to the engine's intake side.
Mann+Hummel has also recently entered the market for diesel particulate filter elements made of ceramic, mainly for--but not limited to--automotive and on-road applications.
The company has also entered into a supply contract with Hug Engineering to offer Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) substrates and related technology to the United Kingdom bus market.
The Accusolve Advanced Diesel Particulate Filter Soot Sensor from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies (www.
6 TDCi 90PS with coated diesel particulate filter (cDPF).
Featuring Triple Protection for reduced wear, deposit control and emission cleanliness, this new lubricant is designed to optimize diesel particulate filter performance while reducing maintenance and improving fuel economy.
The new systems will raise exhaust gas temperatures to the necessary levels for the diesel particulate filter to burn off built-up particulate matter.
Now available from AGRIEMACH is the MINE-X ULTRA, a non-blocking diesel particulate filter which can be retrofitted on most diesel engines which are unsuitable for wall-flow particulate filters.