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DRCDDépartement à la Recherche Clinique et Développement (French: Department of Clinical Research and Development)
DRCDDomestic Response Casualty Decontamination
DRCDDixon Resource Conservation District (Dixon, CA)
DRCDDiet-Related Chronic Disease (nutrition)
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National healthcare systems are facing a global pandemic of diet-related chronic disease and preventable disorders that include cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes, and myriad inflammatory disorders.
The scheme marks the latest indication of growing health consciousness across the sector, and has been praised by the government as the country grapples with rising obesity rates and diet-related chronic disease.
Six of the eight restaurants improved nutritional quality consistent with public health recommendations, an important observation for reversing the rising rates of diet-related chronic disease in the U.
The bottom line is that most Americans need to trim our waistlines to reduce the risk of developing diet-related chronic disease.
She covers the principles of the field in chapters discussing the population of the United States, nutritional epidemiology, food and nutrition surveys for monitoring public health, programs to reduce disparities in the prevalence of diet-related chronic disease, weight control challenges and solutions, and special populations issues.
Diet-related chronic diseases are increasing in the UK despite government dietary guidelines, and one reason for this is that most of us are often unable to change our dietary habits.
As we all know, there is a tremendous increase in diet-related chronic diseases in Dubai and the region, largely linked to excessive or unbalanced intake of certain types of food and sedentary lifestyle," said Khalid Mohammad Sharif Al Awadhi, assistant director- general for Environment, Health and Safety Control Sector.
It also points out that the country needs to face great challenges to prevent and control several nutritional problems and diet-related chronic diseases.
Adopting a balanced, largely plant-based diet, with minimal consumption of red and processed meat, would help conserve natural resources, contribute to the fight against human-induced global warming and reduce people's risk of diet-related chronic diseases and even cancer mortality.
Addressing the burden of diet-related chronic diseases, such as obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer, has received much attention, leading Canadian public health policy-makers to recommend priority interventions to improve the quality of dietary intakes.
The report points out that, because the risk of developing diet-related chronic diseases increases with age, the aging of the U.
In the report, the IOM panel of experts told federal regulators that the epidemic of diet-related chronic diseases warrants a single rating system to help consumers sort through nutritional information.