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DPOVDifferent Point of View (UK)
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Barbicane and Nicholl looked upon the lunar map from a very different point of view to that of their fantastic friend.
Rostov was therefore unpleasantly struck by the presence of French officers in Boris' lodging, dressed in uniforms he had been accustomed to see from quite a different point of view from the outposts of the flank.
No, my warning comes to you from a different point of view. It is, if you will pardon my saying so, none the less personal, but wholly friendly.
In fact, the invincible courage of the thoroughly disciplined spirit in the midst of doubt and external discouragement has never been, more nobly expressed than by Arnold in such poems as 'Palladium' and (from a different point of view) 'The Last Word.'
He would have refused a bit of hers beforehand, but one is naturally at a different point of view before and after one's own share of puff is swallowed.
Mrs Chivery, speaking as a mother and not as a diplomatist, had then, from a different point of view, desired her husband to recollect that their John had never been strong, and that his love had fretted and worrited him enough as it was, without his being driven to do himself a mischief, as nobody couldn't say he wouldn't be if he was crossed.
Cadwallader's merits from a different point of view, winced a little when her name was announced in the library, where he was sitting alone.
Perhaps from her own very different point of view of 'Jack,' she felt comforted and protected by the interposition of Mr.
The existence of those Blunts made me feel uncomfortable in a peculiar way as though they had been the denizens of another planet with a subtly different point of view and something in the intelligence which was bound to remain unknown to me.
sometimes it does help to look at your problem from a different point of view, and once he does this, it's a clear case of problem solved.
Those who gather around the table, they make peace with each other; peace on their thoughts and peace on their different point of views. If you are not on the table, it means having a different point of view or having a shared point is not important."
For me, it is everything practical because I choose to look at it with a different point of view as it has nothing to do with women competing with the other gender, as often portrayed by men.
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