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DIALDrown in a Lake
DIALDiffusion de l'Information sur l'Amérique Latine (French: Dissemination of Information on Latin America; magazine)
DIALDifferential Absorption LIDAR
DIALDéveloppement, Institutions et Mondialisation (French: Globalization & Development Institutions)
DIALDigital Idle Asset Listing
DIALDialup Internet Access List
DIALDocument Image Analysis for Libraries (conference)
DIALDevice Independent Authoring Language
DIALDisabled Information Advice Line
DIALDirect Information Access Line
DIALDairy Industry Association Limited (now Dairy UK)
DIALDirect Access Link
DIALDistributed Intelligent Architecture for Logistics
DIALDrug Information Advisory Line
DIALDisplay Interactive Assembly Language
DIALDistributed Intelligent Agents for Logistics
DIALDigitally Initialize Audio Link-Up (DIAL a phone number) :-)
DIALDunedin International Airport Limited (New Zealand)
DIALDelinquent Inventory Account Listing
DIALDeficiency In Allowance List
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Megie, 2001: Intercomparison of ozone profiles measurements by Differential Absorption Lidar system and satellites at Buenos Aires, Argentina.
It could also be used for an ultraviolet differential absorption LIDAR system that would have continuously variable wavelengths.
The most versatile type of LIDAR system is the DIAL, or DIfferential Absorption Lidar system.
These include a second scanning cloud radar, a water vapor differential absorption lidar (DIAL), and a microwave radiometer for atmospheric profiling (Lohnert et al.
In just a few weeks of actual flying time, ANGEL Services was able to survey the entire Fruitland Outcrop using its Cessna Caravan-mounted Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) sensor.
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