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DXSDigital Crossover Stereo
DXSDiffuse X-Ray Spectrometer (University of Wisconsin Space Shuttle-Flown experiment)
DXSDigital Experience Score (software)
DXSDepartment of External Services (Macgyver)
DXSDirectory Exchange Server
DXSDx Studio (3D engine)
DXSDraft XML Specification
DXSDiskless X Station
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Data from the Diffuse X-ray Spectrometer (DXS), which flew aboard the Space Shuttle Endeavour in January, suggests that the emission comes from interstellar gas heated by ancient supernova explosions, including the one that created Geminga.
13 with the launch of an instrument that will probe the origin of the diffuse, low-energy X-ray background that bathes the nearby interstellar medium of our galaxy Carried aloft in the payload bay of the space shuttle Endeavor, the Diffuse X-ray Spectrometer (DXS) has twin detectors that together will test the theory that these low-energy X-rays are emitted by a bubble of ionized gas that envelops our solar system and extends for hundreds of light-years beyond.