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DIGEXDigital Express Group, Inc.
DIGEXDigital Exercise (US Army training)
DIGEXDisabled Interest Group Electronic Exchange
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However, it is a bitter pill for some Digex shareholders to swallow, especially considering Digex stock peaked at $184 per share in March 2000.
Digex SmartContinuity offers additional disaster avoidance, data protection and recovery services that can be used alone or combined to address three levels of client needs:
Digex engineers have tested these Open Source Software products and packaged them to run in a production environment.
As with all Digex products and services, the new high-speed firewall will be available to all managed hosting and application customers served by WorldCom (Nasdaq: WCOM) through the WorldCom-Digex affiliation.
We chose Digex because of the company's strong track record and felt confident they understood our business.
Since the LightWave offering is based on a point-to-point SONET circuit, security and bandwidth allocation activities are easily performed from the Digex data center.
Digex's unique solution enables Indus to offer customers a fully managed hosted environment that eliminates the trouble and expense of installing and maintaining complex hardware and software in-house," said John Callari, senior vice president of sales for Digex.
the most recognized global Internet brand reaching over 219 million unique users; Digex, a leading provider of managed Web and application hosting solutions to enterprises; and Ecolab, a Fortune 1000 industrial cleaning company with over $3 billion in sales.
Among the survey participants detailed in the report include such publicly traded providers as: AT&T (NYSE:T), Cable & Wireless (NYSE:CWP), Digex, Exodus (OTCBB:EXDSQ), InterNAP, Loudcloud, and Metromedia Fiber Network (Nasdaq:MFNX), as well as privately held firms: Attenda, Conxion, InterOPS, NetVein, Rackspace, SevenSpace, SiteROCK, Telenisus and Totality.
WorldCom initially had been ordered to divest all of Intermedia's assets except for its 61% ownership interest (94% voting) in Digex.
Com finds the downgrade of Digex today to be "curious," says MaverickTrader.