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DCSDefense Communications System
DCSDistributed Control System
DCSDigital Combat Simulator (software)
DCSDouglas County School (various locations)
DCSDepartment of Children's Services
DCSDepartment of Computer Science (various universities)
DCSDistributed Computer System
DCSDynamics of Complex Systems
DCSDecompression Sickness
DCSDistrict Cooling System (energy efficiency)
DCSDynamic Cooking Systems
DCSDepartment of Clinical Science (various locations)
DCSDrew Carey Show (TV program)
DCSDigital Cinema Society
DCSDeputy Chief of Staff
DCSData Center Solutions (various organizations)
DCSDevice Control String
DCSDynamic Channel Selection
DCSDry Cask Storage (nuclear fuel)
DCSDefense Communications System (US Air Force)
DCSDivision of Clinical Sciences (various organizations)
DCSData Collection System
DCSDirector Corporate Services (various organizations)
DCSDisability Conciliation Service
DCSDoctorado en Ciencias Sociales (Spanish: Doctorate in Social Sciences)
DCSDigital Cross-Connect
DCSDust Containment System (various companies)
DCSDefense Collaboration Services (US DoD)
DCSDigital Computer System (US DoD)
DCSDepartment of Customer Services (various locations)
DCSDigital Cordless Standard
DCSDigital Cinema Sound
DCSData Collaboration Suite
DCSDistributed Computing Services
DCSData Channel Server
DCSDirectly Connected Neighbor Servers
DCSDiagnostic Control System
DCSData Collection Services
DCSDistributed Computing Systems
DCSDescent Control Stability
DCSDynamic Configuration Select
DCSData Center Server
DCSDirect Connection Services
DCSDigital Computer System
DCSDesktop Color Separation
DCSDescent Control System
DCSDynamic Control Stability
DCSDatabase Connection Services
DCSDynamic Clock Stop
DCSDigital Command Signal
DCSData Communication Services
DCSDomain Controllers
DCSDigital Cable System
DCSData Control Systems
DCSDual Correlated Sampling
DCSDigital Control System
DCSData Conversion Service (various companies)
DCSDroit et Changement Social (French: Law and Social Change)
DCSDigital Cellular System
DCSDepositors' Compensation Scheme (various locations)
DCSDépense Courante de Santé (French: Current Expenditure on Health)
DCSData Center Strategy (job description)
DCSDigital Communication System
DCSDual Cooling System
DCSDigital Cross-connect System
DCSDesktop Color Separation (file format/extension)
DCSDomiciliary Care Service (various organizations)
DCSDigital Communications System
DCSDossier Communal Synthétique (French: Communal Synthetic Record)
DCSDistributed Call Signaling
DCSDeaf Children's Society (various locations)
DCSDry Cleaning Sponge
DCSData Center Services
DCSDirect Commercial Sales
DCSDepartment of Corrective Services (Australia)
DCSDefined Contribution Scheme (finance)
DCSDigital Coded Squelch
DCSDigital Camera System (Kodak)
DCSDynamic Cell Structure
DCSDeparture Control System
DCSData Coding Scheme
DCSDirectorate of Colonial Surveys (est. 1946; UK)
DCSDetective Chief Superintendent (British police)
DCSDistributed Computing System
DCSDeployment Cycle Support
DCSDestination Control Statement (US Export Administration Regulations)
DCSDifferential Scanning Calorimetry
DCSDepartment of Civil Service (Michigan)
DCSDirector of Children's Services (UK)
DCSDeer Commission for Scotland
DCSDevice Coordinate System
DCSDuke Cogema Stone & Webster
DCSDocument Communal Synthétique (French: Communal Synthetic Document)
DCSDepartment of Census and Statistics (Sri Lanka)
DCSDepartment of Conference Services (UN)
DCSDirector of Clinical Services
DCSDiversified Clinical Services (Jacksonville, FL)
DCSDocument Control System (Sprint)
DCSDental Complaints Service (UK)
DCSDigital Collection System (FBI internet security)
DCSData Communications System
DCSData Control System
DCSData Capture System
DCSData Center Supervisor
DCSDiversified Collection Services, Inc.
DCSDistribution Control System
DCSDebt Collection Services (various organizations)
DCSDetector Control System
DCSDistributed Computing Support (various locations)
DCSDry Cleaning Station (various locations)
DCSDesign Centre for Sustainability (University of British Columbia; Canada)
DCSDocument Control Solution
DCSDistributive Control System
DCSDiscovery Center of Springfield (Springfield, MO)
DCSDigital Command System
DCSDamage Control System
DCSData Centric Storage
DCSDevice Command Set (mobile devices)
DCSDiscovery Channel Store
DCSDegrassi Community School (fictional school)
DCSDefensive Counterspace
DCSDomestic Car Sales
DCSDreamcast-Scene (website)
DCSData Communications Service(s)
DCSDistributed Communications System
DCSDigital Command Signal (ITU-T Rec T 30)
DCSDorsal Column Stimulator (medical)
DCSDiscount Computer Sales
DCSDesign and Construction Standards
DCSDental Clinical Sciences (Dalhousie University; Canada)
DCSDewey Color System (career evaluation)
DCSDebt Collection System
DCSDigital Cinema Solutions
DCSDepartmental Computing Services (various organizations)
DCSDetector Control Systems
DCSDick Clark Syndrome (New Year's Day celebration)
DCSData Capture Standard
DCSDiamond Computer Services (Japan)
DCSDown Center Stage
DCSDigital Compression System
DCSDealer Computer Services
DCSDimensional Control Systems, Inc.
DCSDigital Creative Services
DCSDouble Cortex Syndrome
DCSData Collaboration Server
DCSDisk Chopper Spectrometer
DCSDepartmental Computing Support
DCSDisplay & Control System
DCSDouble Channel Simplex
DCSDental Compression Syndrome
DCSDivorce Care Support (divorce recovery support group)
DCSDebt Clearing Services
DCSData-sharing Control System (NEC)
DCSDiversity Climate Survey (workplace study)
DCSDirect Credit Substitute
DCSData Carrier System
DCSDefined Context Set
DCSDocument Cover Sheet
DCSDistal Coronary Sinus
DCSDecommissioning Consulting Services Limited (Candad)
DCSData and Control Systems (Greece)
DCSDivision of Community Sanitation
DCSDiagnostic Center Southern California
DCSDigital Cellular Switch
DCSDepartment of Campus Safety
DCSDigital Clock Supply
DCSDiscrete Constrained Search
DCSData Collection Subsystem
DCSDigital Cross-Connect Switches (Agilent)
DCSDigital Color Scale
DCSDirect Control System
DCSDanish Chemometrics Society
DCSDocument Conversion Specialists
DCSDirect Combat Support (various militaries)
DCSData Collection and Platform Location System (NASA)
DCSDiversified Computer Systems, Inc.
DCSDistrict Chief of Staff
DCSDesign Criteria Specification (NASA)
DCSDigital Composition Systems
DCSDirect Coupled System
DCSDecommissioning Consulting Services Ltd. (Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada)
DCSDifferential Cost Sharing
DCSDefense Courier Service/Station
DCSDirect Connect on Sprint
DCSData Clock Source
DCSDigital Channel Selection
DCSDesign Communication System (NASA)
DCSDigitizing Camera System (Tektronix)
DCSDevelopment Communicators' Society (UPLB)
DCSDigital Communications Subsystem
DCSDining and Conference Services
DCSDetail Checkout Specification (NASA)
DCSDual Checkout Station (NASA)
DCSData Collecting Subsystem
DCSDirectory of Community Services
DCSDisplay Control Subsystem
DCSDisplay Construction Set (GUI)
DCSDepartamentul de Cercetare Stiintifica (Targoviste University, Romania)
DCSDominican Community Services
DCSMellonath Daeron Index of Certh Specimina (index to the texts by JRR Tokein)
DCSDirect Construction and Safety Training (UK)
DCSDynamic Combat Shooting
DCSDirector, Comptroller Systems
DCSDynamic Channel Sharing
DCSDoncaster Choral Society
DCSDépartement de Calcul Scientifique
DCSDutch Chemometrics Society
DCSDirectia Cercetari Stiintifice (University of Moldavia)
DCSDigital Cell Site
DCSDigital Color System
DCSDirectional Carrier Sensing
DCSDeveloping Countries Staff
DCSDedicated Cleanup System
DCSDynamic Consulting Services
DCSDigital Command Subsystem
DCSDMA Customization System
DCSDaily Control Sheet
DCSDetailed Coordination Schedule
DCSDeployable Cellular System
DCSDispatch Control Station
DCSDetermined Concentration of Standard (analytical chemistry)
DCSDikema Constructiestaal bv Rotterdam NL
DCSDigital Collaboration Service
DCSDistribution Core Switch
DCSDocan Computer Systems International Ltd
DCSDesktop Configuration Standards
DCSDigital Combat Soldiers (gaming clan)
DCSDivisional Claim Superintendent
DCSDriver Compliance Software
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Digital cellular systems are boosting cellular system capacity by providing more voice and control channels per cellular tower.
Because of the nature of multiple-access schemes, with adjacent timeslots often assigned to different transmitters, the power level of each pulse must be controlled carefully within a digital cellular system to prevent interference between transmitters.
2G digital cellular systems such as CDMA and GSM have been defined for more than five years, and test equipment targeted at these 2G systems has matured during this period.
The ICs also are suitable for use in other digital cellular systems, such as time-division multiple access (TDMA) and Global System for Mobile communications (GSM).
which operates 40 TDMA digital cellular systems throughout the U.
In earlier years, InterDigital was at the forefront of the industry by recognizing the limitations of analog cellular technology and designing and demonstrating digital cellular systems that utilized Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology, years before others.
With the growing maturity of digital cellular systems around the world, attention has increasingly turned to the development of 3G cellular systems.
Chapter 6 analyzes data transmission over AMPS and TACS analog cellular and over GSM digital cellular systems.
All dual-mode digital cellular phones must fall back to AMPS because digital cellular systems are not available throughout the US, whereas AMPS is available in all major and minor US population centers.
and international standards bodies for speech coding for digital cellular systems.
With trade barriers falling and a significant rise in the use of digital cellular communications devices, the need to design these devices to meet a number of different world standards, such as the North American digital cellular systems (NADC), and Japan's digital mobile telephones (PDC) and cordless telephones (PHP), has become imperative.
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