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DCPDie-Cast Promotions
DCPDeputy Commissioner of Police
DCPDicalcium Phosphate
DCPDigital Cinema Package (Digital Cinema Initiatives, LLC)
DCPDepartment of City Planning
DCPDepartment of Consumer Protection
DCPDevelopment Control Plans
DCPDicumyl Peroxide
DCPDivision of Clinical Psychology (British Psychological Society)
DCPDisney Central Plaza (forum)
DCPDevelopment Contributions Plan (Australia)
DCPDrum Corps Planet
DCPDisney Consumer Products
DCPDevice Control Protocol
DCPDick Clark Productions (Santa Monica, CA)
DCPDeferred Compensation Plan
DCPDivision of Cancer Prevention (NCI)
DCPDental Care Plan
DCPDigital Cordless Phone
DCPDispositif de Concentration de Poissons (French: Fish Aggregating Devices)
DCPDynamic Cone Penetrometer (soil testing instrument)
DCPData Code Page
DCPDiagnostic Control Program
DCPDefault Configuration Procedure
DCPDigital Content Protection
DCPDual Core Platform
DCPDistributed Control Processing
DCPDirect Connect Processor
DCPDigital Copier and Printer
DCPDaemon Code Protect
DCPDual Core Processor
DCPData Collection Program
DCPDelete Calls from Phonebook
DCPDce Control Program
DCPDisease Control Program (various organizations)
DCPDegree Confluence Project
DCPDigital Communications Protocol
DCPDepartment of Chemical Physics (various organizations)
DCPDepartment of Clinical Pharmacology (various locations)
DCPDefined Contribution Plan
DCPDual-Core Processor
DCPDegree Completion Program
DCPData Collection Platform
DCPDevice Connection Platform (Ericsson)
DCPDistributed Computing Platform
DCPDistinguished Club Program (Toastmasters)
DCPDirect and Counter-Cyclical Payment
DCPDepartment for Child Protection
DCPDivision of Community Planning (various locations)
DCPDocument Cadre de Partenariat (French: Partnership Framework Document)
DCPDefence Capability Plan (Australia)
DCPDigital Content Producer
DCPDefence Cooperation Program (Australia)
DCPDirect-Current Plasma
DCPDomain Control Panel
DCPDipeptidyl Carboxypeptidase
DCPCollege of Design, Construction and Planning
DCPDecentralised Procedure (EU)
DCPDevelopment Concept Paper
DCPDigital Channel Plan
DCPDiabetes Control Program
DCPDaycare Provider
DCPDoctor of Chiropractic Program (various schools)
DCPDevelopment Concept Plan
DCPDisabilities and Computing Program
DCPDrought Contingency Planning (various organizations)
DCPDivision Captain
DCPDepartment of Chemicals & Petrochemicals (India)
DCPDynamic Compression Plate (orthopedics)
DCPDesign Change Proposal
DCPDeployable Command Post
DCPDry Chemical Powder (fire extinguisher)
DCPDemocracy Coalition Project
DCPDirectly Connected Participant (European banking)
DCPDiplôme Complémentaire Professionnel (French: Additional Professional Diploma)
DCPDesignated Contact Person (various organizations)
DCPDolphin Communication Project
DCPDirectory of Chemical Producers
DCPData Compression Protocol
DCPData Collection Package (NOAA)
DCPDrosophila Cell Death (protease)
DCPDrop Ceiling Panel (various companies)
DCPData Collection Plan
DCPDemocracy Cell Project (Washington, DC)
DCPDemocratic Center Party (Sierra Leone)
DCPDisabled Children's Program
DCPDay Conference Package (various companies)
DCPDisplay & Control Panel
DCPDivision of Commissioned Personnel (US Public Health Service)
DCPDigital California Project
DCPDefense Comptroller Program (US DoD)
DCPDerby City Partnership (UK)
DCPDetour Causing Pattern
DCPDigital Cinema Progressive (DVD recorder)
DCPDeveloping Capable People
DCPDowntown College Preparatory (San Jose, CA)
DCPDecision Coordinating Paper
DCPDatagram Control Protocol
DCPDiabetes Care Profile
DCPDynamic Cone Penetration (road construction)
DCPDraft Conversion Plus (trademark of Girard's Business Solutions, Inc.)
DCPDistributed Communications Processor (Unisys Corp., front-end processor hardware)
DCPDynamic Charging Platform (wireless communications)
DCPDigital Comics Preservation (scans comics available to download online)
DCPDistributed Cache Protocol (Intersystems Networking)
DCPDistributed Collective Practices
DCPDigital Collections Program (Canada)
DCPDirector of Cadet Programs
DCPDisabled Child Premium (UK)
DCPDouble Containment Pipe
DCPDesign Change Package
DCPDefense Cryptologic Program
DCPDirectorate of Civilian Personnel
DCPDevelopment Cost Plan (NASA)
DCPDauphin Clinic Pharmacy
DCPData Connection Protection
DCPDepartmental Change Programme (UK)
DCPDifferential Collective Pitch
DCPDental Care Partners
DCPDynamic Control Plan
DCPData Communication Protocol
DCPDigital Colour Printer
DCPDestination Club Partners, LLC
DCPDays Claims Payable (healthcare industry)
DCPDual Circular Polarization
DCPData Collection Processor
DCPDocument Change Proposal
DCPDiversion Control Plan
DCPDesignated Carrier Plan
DCPDyskinésies Ciliaires Primitives
DCPDirector of Civilian Personnel
DCPDatapath/Control Partitioning
DCPDevelopmental Consulting Program
DCPDecision Check Point
DCPDecision Coordination Paper
DCPDynamic Content Publishing (System)
DCPDesgamma-Carboxy Prothrombin (aka PIVKA)
DCPDocument Control Plan
DCPData and Command Processor
DCPDEU Control Program (NASA)
DCPDryden Centerwide Procedure (NASA)
DCPData Connection Platform
DCPDiscreet Certified Plugin
DCPDisaster Control Plan
DCPDeveloping Communities Project, Inc.
DCPDemand for Critical Parts
DCPDepartment of Comprehensive Planning
DCPDepot Condemnation Percent (NASA)
DCPDedicated Control Panel
DCPDivision de Chimie Physique
DCPDemolition Control Precinct (Brisbane, Australia)
DCPDatalink Control Processor
DCPDiscrimination Complaints Program
DCPDisc Centrifuge Particle Size Analyser
DCPDélégation de Crédits de Paiement (French: Delegation of Payments; various organizations)
DCPDigital Connectivity Probing
DCPDynamic Credit Partners, LLC (New York, NY)
DCPDental Continuation Pay
DCPDesign Concept Presentations LLC
DCPDigital Channel Probe
DCPDisk Cache Processor
DCPDrill and Ceremonial Proficiency (Australian Air Training Corps)
DCPDetached Control Processor (Hekimian)
DCPDigital Colour Processor
DCPDirectory of Consulting Practices (Royal Society of Chemistry)
DCPDivision of Collaborative Programs
DCPDelayed Command Processor
DCPData Classification Policies
DCPDownsizing and Disaster Contingency Planning
DCPDeficiency Correction Plan
DCPDamage Control Plates
DCPDisplay Control Package
DCPData Communication Process
DCPDistribution Common Point
DCPDefense Communications Plan
DCPDownstream Connectivity Pointer
DCPDirectory of Counselling and Psychotherapy (New Zealand)
DCPDenton Calvary Preparatory
DCPDesktop and Control Panel
DCPDCCR Processor
DCPDesign Control Point
DCPDEMIL Challenge Program
DCPDifferential Current Protection
DCPDistributed Collaboration Planning
DCPDynamic Club Panhard (French automobile club)
DCPDebtors Conversion Period (capital management)
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All films will be in DCP, or Digital Cinema Package.
As a prelude to the international roll-out of the service, which aims to eliminate the outdated process of physical Digital Cinema Package (DCP) transportation, Qube Wire will act as the official distribution partner for the festival.
La salle de la cinematheque de Bejaia, recemment equipee du Digital Cinema Package (DCP), accueillera egalement quatre films algeriens en avant-premiere, a savoir [beaucoup moins que] Alger de bas en haut [beaucoup plus grand que] de Nesrine Dahmoun, [beaucoup moins que] Jardin d'essais [beaucoup plus grand que] de Dania Reymond, [beaucoup moins que] Vote off [beaucoup plus grand que] de Faycal Hammoum et [beaucoup moins que] Je te promets [beaucoup plus grand que] de Mohamed Yargui.
Digital Cinema Package (DCP)--It is the digital equivalent of a 35mm film print.
will fund the production of a subtitled Digital Cinema Package master.
Jam Jar, which has recently been refurbished and is to be installed with a new digital cinema package, has become a hub of the community and currently runs up to 26 screenings a week.
Doremi Cine Assets for Digital Cinema Package creation
l'operation est encore plus simple puisque il s'agit de recuperer le fameux DCP, sur toutes les bouches aujourd'hui, a savoir le digital cinema package, en francais courant, des fichiers informatiques inclus dans un boitier electronique d'a peine 20 cm de longueur et qui contient tout le film.
In addition, the Limelight's new Digital Cinema Package, a high-tech film projection system that replaces its 35 mm projector, will be installed in the coming weeks.
When Disney stereo 3D "Toy Story" double feature arrived at theaters, the single Digital Cinema Package looked sleek.
Digital Cinema Package -- compressed, encoded and encrypted digital files -- allow the BIFF team to access and download the films using a password, negating the need for hard copies weighing 20 or 30 kilos each to be shipped to Lebanon.
Projectors capable of running the new digital format, called the Digital Cinema Package, cost between $70,000-$80,000 each.
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