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DECTDigital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (European cordless phone standard)
DECTDigital European Cordless Telephone
DECTDigital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
DECTDigital Enhanced Cordless Telephone (product name)
DECTDecay Time
DECTDigital European Cordless Telecommunications (now Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)
DECTDigital Enhanced Cordless Technology (phones)
DECTDigital European Cordless Telephony (now Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)
DECTDominant Extroverted Concrete Thinker (Jung personality type indicator)
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"But the new digital European cordless telephone, which makes up the bulk of phones being sold today, is almost identical to some mobiles."
The forward and reverse links for each diversity antenna input may be modeled using the same one channel of a multipath fading emulator when testing PHS and the Digital European Cordless Telephone (DECT) system because these are time-division duplex (TDD) systems.
The IC meets the new Japanese personal handy phone (PHP) and digital European cordless telephone (DECT) standards and is suitable for handheld VHF/UHF communication and RF local area network applications.
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