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The Commission determined that BT and BSkyB were potential competitors in the provision of digital interactive television services.
Obviously, the Commission does not want to prevent these companies from buying the new Microsoft products for digital interactive television, but wants to make sure that new technologies are brought to the consumers on fair and equal terms.Prospects.In the near future, digital TV is likely to become the most widespread means for consumers to access entertainment, education, news and e-commerce as well as digital TV programmes.
E-commerce offerings include what the company says will be the UK's first workable digital interactive television solution.
A wider survey of British business recently found that inertia - waiting to see how the medium develops and letting others pioneer it - was the main obstacle to using e-commerce, or business via the Internet or digital interactive television.
Contributors from technical, communication, and business fields look at the technologies and applications, design, and business and marketing aspects of digital interactive television. Among their topics are interactive television as a vehicle for language learning, an activity-oriented approach to designing a user interface, a comparison of text editing in three interfaces, and the uses of traditional and internet television in Estonia.
Their deal with the Digital Interactive Television Group (DITG), which operates iSports TV, is only short-term, it was confirmed yesterday, 24 hours
The French groups Canal+ Technologies (subsidiary of the Canal+ television channel specialising in interactive digital television software) and Thomson Multimedia (TMM) and the Japanese company Sony have concluded a strategic alliance in digital interactive television. Canal+ Technologies, the Canal+ announced on 29 November that under the terms of this alliance, Sony Europe and Thomson Multimedia will both acquire stakes of about 3% in Canal+ Technologies by purchasing new shares for an unspecified sum.
The study was designed to find how the launch of digital interactive television this year will effect the lifestyle of the average Briton.
The channel, operated by the Digital Interactive Television Group (DITG), currently has a mix of 24-hour entertainment that ranges from Argentinian football and gerbil roulette to live US greyhounds and virtual reality horseracing.
The Commission also had concerns about the creation of a dominant position in the emerging market for digital interactive television services.
The Commission's decision in Open's favour follows considerable concessions promised by the firms aimed at ensuring that the digital interactive television services market in the UK remains open to competition.
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