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DNDistinguished Name (IDAP)
DNDagens Nyheter (Swedish newspaper)
DNDeath Note (movie)
DNDomain Name
DNDiário de Noticias (Portuguese newspaper)
DNDragon Nest (gaming)
DNDirectory Number
DNDisplay Name (internet chat)
DNDagens Næringsliv (Norwegian financial newspaper)
DNDuke Nukem (Game)
DNDoncaster (postcode, United Kingdom)
DNDecision Notice
DNDish Network (satellite TV provider)
DNDueling Network (gaming forum)
DNDomain Network
DNDouble Negative
DNDouble Negative (hardcore punk band)
DNDetroit News
DNDialed Number
DNDigital Number
DNDistrito Nacional (Dominican Republic)
DNDirectorate for Nature Management (Ministry of the Environment; Norway)
DNDiameter Nominal
DNDestination Number
DNDepartment of the Navy
DNData Numbers
DNDr. No (James Bond movie)
DNDirk Nowitzki (basketball player)
DNDistrict Nurse
DNDianetics (Scientology)
DNDan Air
DNDefense News
DNDelivery Note
DNDebit Note (accounting)
DNDaydream Nation (Sonic Youth album)
DNDominus Noster (Latin: Our Lord, epigraphy)
DNDelta Nu (sorority)
DNDelayed Neutron
DNDoctor of Naprapathy (a system of treatment by manipulation of connective tissue)
DNDigital Nonsecure (US DoD)
DNDoctor of Nursing
DNDiscrepancy Notice
DNDouble Nil (card game move)
DNDibucaine Number
DNDemocracy Now! (radio news program)
DNDaikyoNishikawa Corporation (Japan)
DNDesign Notice
DNDrafting Note (comments on document drafts)
DNDependency Net
DNDiscipline Node
DNDoctor of Naturopathy
DNDiagnostics, Neutron
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It has further been suggested that persons being the owner of prize bond digital number should not be subject to withholding tax.
Behavior of the digital number (DN) of the panchromatic image as a function of the variation in gravimetric moisture content (U(%)): soil 1 (A), soil 2 (B), soil 3 (C), soil 4 (D), soil 5 (E), soil 6 (F)
Given the above findings it can be questioned to what extend children with different motor abilities will perform on a number estimation task after they received several interventions in which action control on a digital number line was made possible.
That number will go down and the digital number will go up, but when you sit down to read on an e-reading device, in most cases you're doing exactly what you would have done had you been holding the book in your hand.
In Egypt, there is an advantage called digital certificate, that is, each internet user would have a digital number saved on a flash memory with a pin code.
The procedure assigns a digital number tag to each animal, which is pierced into its right ear.
Hang a big digital number at either end of the ground where the fans can see it.
The base-2 system is a binary number system in which each binary number represents a digital number consisting of the digits 0's and/or 1's.
In the 12th reset since the clock's debut in August 2001, the digital number was changed to one from 960, which denotes the number of days since the last test -- also by Pyongyang -- took place in October 2006.
50, Kitten by Benefit @ Boots; pounds 10 Stash your make-up in this mirrored-glass box, pounds 10, Next; pounds 15 Monitor your weight on this upscale digital number, pounds 15, Matalan; pounds 16.
Subscribers will need to have a handset with a display and buttons supporting SMS service and number identification protocol and will have to activate the digital number identification service in order to activate the SMS service.
Each weekly entry entitles the holder to a unique six digital number, with the winning number being randomly selected by computer each week.
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