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DPOFDigital Print Order Format (format for direct printing from digital cameras by Eastman Kodak Company; Canon Inc.; Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.; and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.)
DPOFDigital Print Order Format
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Automatically print images using the Digital Print Order Format (2) specification.
The Digital Print Order Format (DPOF) function automatically prints photos that have been marked for print in-camera by supporting cameras.
said Tuesday they have jointly developed a new version of the digital print order format (DPOF) for printing, transferring and viewing photos from digital cameras.
And, with the built-in Digital Print Order Format (DPOF), attaching print ordering instructions to image files is made easy.
The new camera supports the digital print order format (DPOF), a proposed industry standard that simplifies printing digital images and ordering prints from photofinishers.
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