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To calculate the market size, the report considers revenue generated through the sales of various intelligent electronic devices such as a digital relay, PLC, load tap controller, recloser, and smart meters.
Korres, Real-time implementation of digital relay models using MATLAB/SIMULINK and RTDS, European Transactions on Electrical Power, https://www.interscience.wiley.com, 2008.
As an example, the electromechanical relay protects the network and sends a signal to disconnect a specific piece of equipment and with the digital relay we know, in real and remote time, which phase was operated and the respective intensity of the current, leading the teams to the site and, therefore, reducing the time it takes to locate the problem.
Schneider Electric introduced the newest generation of its Square D Sepam digital relay product line.
To compliment the range of analogue outputs the VL also provides a digital relay output, the temperature level and hysteresis of which can be adjusted with the electronics module.
A newly developed digital relay system is credited by Marathon Senior Engineer Charlie Adams with improving power stability, enhancing control and safety, eliminating shutdowns and increasing operational knowledge at the company's natural gas facilities in Yates Field and Indian Basin.
The contract, valued at USD4m, covered bandwidth capacity on Telia's Viking network and co-location services enabling NEXION to offer video transmission line service for hi-definition digital relay broadcasts between the US and Tokyo, Telia said.
Part of the Digital Relay family of Sony products, the drive creates and copies most popular CD types, decodes and plays MP3 files, and allows up to 11 hours of music storage.
This Cloud based Digital relay system will allow users to get instant updates of their order on screen along with Twitter messages and other useful information for its customers in all of its frozen yogurt chains in real time.
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