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DHCDark Horse Comics
DHCDeutscher Hockey Club (German: German Hockey Club)
DHCDoctor Honoris Causa (degree)
DHCDaigaku Honyaku Center (Japanese manufacturer)
DHCDocumentary History of the Church (Latter Day Saints)
DHCDistrict Health Centre (various locations)
DHCDynamic Host Configuration
DHCDrop Head Coupe
DHCDigital Home Cinema
DHCDescent Hill Control
DHCDijon Hockey Club (France)
DHCDistrict Heating and Cooling
DHCDance Hall Crashers (band)
DHCDrop Head Coupe (automobile with convertible top; principally UK)
DHCDynein Heavy Chain
DHCDiscovery Holding Company (Colorado)
DHCDiscovery Health Channel
DHCDance Heritage Coalition (Washington, DC)
DHCDeHavilland Canada (aircraft)
DHCDetroit Housing Commission (Detroit, MI)
DHCDeputy High Commissioner
DHCDental Health Check
DHCDavidson Hotel Company (Memphis, TN)
DHCDouble High C (music)
DHCDirect Home Corporation GmbH (Germany)
DHCDynamic Host Control
DHCDepartment of Canadian Heritage
DHCDelaware Holding Companies
DHCDeputy Humanitarian Coordinator
DHCDihydrochalcone (sugar substitute)
DHCDigital Home Concept (various organizations)
DHCDenver Housing Corporation (Colorado)
DHCDiocese of the Holy Cross
DHCDestination Handling Charge
DHCDuty Honor Country
DHCData Handling Center
DHCDelayed Hyper Combo (gaming)
DHCDry-Hole Cost (oil exploration)
DHCDivision of Habitat Conservation
DHCDexter Hanley College (University of Scranton)
DHCDisposable Heroes Clan (gaming)
DHCData Handling Computer
DHCDynamic Huffman Coding
DHCDisaster Housing Checkwriter (FEMA)
DHCDisposition Hearing Conference (courts; Oklahoma)
DHCDelta High Coordinator
DHCDeck Hatch Closed
DHCDigitized Historical Collection
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Table Analyte Qt 1Q3 (quant) Q3 (qual) Hydromorphone 286 185 157 Hydromorphone-d3 289 185 N/A Oxymorphone 302 227 198 Codeine 300 152 115 Codeine-d3 303 152 N/A Morphine 286 152 128 Morphine-d3 289 152 N/A Dihydrocodeine 302 199 227 6-MAM 328 165 211 6-MAM-d6 334 165 N/A Oxycodone 316 241 256 Oxycodone-d3 319 244 N/A Fentanyl 337 188 105 Fentanyl-d5 342 188 N/A Hydrocodone-d3 300 199 128 Hydrocodone-d3 303 199 N/A Table 2.
Garda Seizures Of Main Drugs 2006 Type of drug Quantity Cases Cannabis 289,292 grams 511 Cannabis Resin 6,951,803 grams 3,300 Cannabis Plants 606 plants 42 Heroin (Diamorphine) 128,097 grams 1,115 Ecstasy MDMA 146,013 tablets, 106 grams, 1,500 milliliters 769 Ecstasy MDEA 9 tablets 2 Ketamine 21 grams 5 Amphetamines 37,922 grams 6,399 tablets 236 Cocaine 190,193 grams 1,324 Diazepam 35,500 tablets, 4 grams 129 Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) 197 tablets 8 Flurazepam 417 capsules 22 Temazepam 9 tablets 6 Alprazolam 91 tablets 10 Methadone 2,336 milliliters 23 Dihydrocodeine 339 tablets 8 Ephedrine 106 tablets, 6 capsules, 1375 milliliters 4 Methylamphetamine 136 grams 20 Dimethyltryptamine 2,000 milliliters, 37 grams 4 LSD 1,528 units 1 Source: Garda Annual Report 2006
Commonly used drugs in dentistry and their use in patients with acute porphyrias [Taken from: British National Formulary, 2006 and The European Porphyria Initiave, 2007] Considered Considered Drug Category Unsafe Safe Local anaesthetics Lignocaine * Lignocaine *, Prilocaine, Bupivacaine Intravenous Barbiturates Midazolom, Propofol anaesthetics Inhalation Enflurane, Halothane Nitrous Oxide, Anaesthetics Isoflurane Premedication / Diazepam Midazolom, Temazepam sedative Non opiod analgesics Diclofenac, Aspirin, Diflunisal, Mefanamic acid Dihydrocodeine Ibuprofen, Paracetamol.
Miller, 36, of Marlene Croft, Chelmsley Wood, also admitted stealing a bottle containing dihydrocodeine and temazepam tablets, but pleaded not guilty to possessing the two drugs.
* Boca Pharmacal Inc.--Clearance for Panlor SS (acetaminophen, caffeine and dihydrocodeine).
The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) said it was asking manufacturers of painkillers containing codeine and dihydrocodeine to voluntarily update labelling and patient information leaflets.
Mild/moderate pain calls for an opioid (codeine, dihydrocodeine, hydrocodone, or oxycodone), often with a nonopioid.
Twenty respondents (27%) were enrolled in a methadone treatment program, and a further fifteen (20%) were receiving an alternative substitute drug such as diazepam or dihydrocodeine.
Effects of dihydrocodeine, alcohol, and caffeine on breathlessness and exercise tolerance in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease and normal blood gases.