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DITDirectory Information Tree
DITDublin Institute of Technology
DITDepartment of Information Technology
DITDepth of Inheritance Tree
DITDefining Issues Test (ethics)
DITDiploma in Information Technology
DITDigital Imaging Technician (film and television industry)
DITDeutscher Investment Trust
DITDiet-Induced Thermogenesis
DITDar es Salaam Institute of Technology (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)
DITDirector of Income Tax (India)
DITDigiPen Institute of Technology
DITDelhi Institute of Technology
DITDocumentation, Information and Training
DITDetails In Thread (forums & BBSs)
DITDifferential Impedance Transducer
DITDetroit Institute of Technology
DITDynamics of International Terrorism (course)
DITDesign Integrated Technology, Inc
DITDisability Insurance Trust
DITDynamic Integrated Test
DITDesign Integration Testing
DITDeployed Internetworking Test
DITData Integration Team
DITDesired Ignition Timing
DITDivemaster in Training (rescue diving)
DITData Indicate Token
DITDue In Transfer
DITData Inversion Theory
DITDocumentation/Information Transmittal
DITDetroit Income Tax
DITDépartement Informatique et Télécommunications (French: Department of Computer and Telecommunications)
DITDirectorate of Information Technology (various locations)
DITDecimation in Time (algorithm)
DITDivision Internationale du Travail (French: International Division of Labor)
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Tyrosine in contact with the membrane of the follicular cells is iodinated at 1 (monoiodotyrosine) or 2 (diiodotyrosine) sites and then coupled to produce the 2 forms of thyroid hormone (diiodotyrosine + diiodotyrosine [right arrow] [T.
Products were detected by a UV spectrophotometer at 210 [micro]m and identified by comparison with standards of mono- and diiodotyrosine.