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Appreciative of Jody "doing time" for her, Dil recites the scriptural passage "no greater love" (267), acknowledging Fergus's sacrifice.
DIL is in the process of increasing its annual capacity by 960 tonnes, through a capex estimated at Rs.181.4 million.
The statement notes that DIL's undertaking to recover amounts owed by the Abdullah Brothers "is expressed to be subject to any stand-still, restructuring, security, cascade or similar agreement with the Abdullah Brothers Group and their creditors, including DIL."
It may be described as a cricketbased movie, but Dil Bole Hadippa is more about romance, passion and dreams.
Born on October 24, 1924, Dil, of Graigwen, Pontypridd, held many roles during his time at the club, including supporter, player, first-team captain and, for many years, club president.
Dil made hard work of collaring Night Shift Blue's, but his trainer reckoned that the cold and blustery conditions were far from ideal for the eight-year-old.
In Jody's wallet is a photograph of Dil, who is the soldier's type.
Da 'Di Dil 'De S4C, 8.30pm MAE'R digrifwr Dilwyn Pierce wedi gwneud ei farc ar gynulleidfaoedd trwy Gymru gyfan erbyn hyn, ac yn y gyfres chwe phennod newydd sbon hon bydd cyfle arall iddo ddisgleirio.
Rugrats To The Rescue features five fun-packed episodes starring Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, twins Phil and Lil and baby Dil. We loved Partners In Crime where Angelica decides to become an outlaw after watching an old gangster flick with Grandpa.
kidsworld spoke with Tara Charendoff-Strong, who lives in Toronto and is the voice of Baby Dil Pickles, to find out how Rugrats in Paris was created.
A BITTER row has erupted between Galway West Dil deputies Frank Fahey and Padraic McCormack over the planned closure of two wards at the city's University Hospital.