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DilbitDiluted bitumen
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The upgraded pump stations and new 42-inch pipeline will increase dilbit capacity to approximately 500,000 barrels per day by 2009.
Place: Crude oils, including dilbit, are not corrosive in pipelines.
Multiple studies by Canadian, British and American entities have all concluded that Canadian dilbit mixtures have similar, and in some cases even a lower corrosivity score than crude oils from Mexico, Columbia, and California.
This oil is very similar to dilbit in composition and characteristics and has presented no problems in handling, environment, etc.
Dilbit mixing with sediment in turbulent water can sink, as it did in a 2010 spill from an Enbridge pipeline into the Kalamazoo River in Michigan.
As a result, oil sands producers spend between $3-13 on diluent per barrel and are often forced to resort to an expensive (~$20/ barrel) rail transportation to export dilbit to the United States.
Cenovus continues to sell most of its oil from Christina Lake as Christina Dilbit Blend (CDB).
I was surprised by how easily terrorists could cause a catastrophic spill and the volume of toxic dilbit they could dump into surrounding farm fields and waterways.
Mishra: With the advancement in steel making and pipe manufacturing and also stringent testing requirements to meet such applications, the pipes can handle these gas and petroleum products including dilbit safely.
The cost of removing diluent once the dilbit has arrived at its destination is another cost associated with pipelines, a cost which is vastly reduced in rail shipments, says Koshka.
While some refineries started planning for the Canadian dilbit a few years ago and are now completing upgrading projects to run more heavy crude, refiners did not anticipate the surge in U.
5 Canadian Dilbit Crude Producers, Characteristics, and Name of Crude Table 3.