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D4Dillinger Four (band)
D4Delta4 (work process and performance improvement system for sales organizations)
D44-Sided Die (gaming)
D4Fourth Generation Channel Bank (48 Voice Channels on 2 T-1s or 1 T-1c)
D4Degrade, Disrupt, Deny, Destroy
D4Decontamination, Dismantlement, Deactivation, and Decommissioning (US DoE)
D4MI-5 Special Services
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In the rich tradition of Midwestern DIY punk from Dillinger Four to Rivethead, Banner Pilot, Dear Landlord, and the Copyrights, Off With Their Heads make finger-snapping music that doesn't make you feel like you're wearing a bright teal unitard and leg warmers when they sing about their own emotional knife fights.
(San Francisco resident Tim Teichgraeber is the regular wine columnist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, a frequent contributor to The Wave Magazine, and books the remainder of his schedule as an entertainment lawyer for the likes of Dillinger Four and Har Mar Superstar.
I think of Dillinger Four, and talking to people who clean my teeth or whatever, there's no comprehension of underground DIY punk rock.
We asked Susy to join the effort and Lane (of Dillinger Four) agreed to play drums long enough to get us going.
It starts with an autobiograpical piece about his plunge into punk rock, continues with contemporary interviews of bands and people such as Duane Peters, Dillinger Four, Bloodhag, NOFX, Rev Norb, Winston Smith, Mike Diana, Tim Yohannon (RIP) and Jan Angel, Hot Water Music and more, and concludes with an essay on conducting interviews.
You come from a rich town musically, from great bands like The Replacements, Husker Du, Soul Asylum, etc, to your contemporaries such as Dillinger Four and Selby Tigers.
NO OFFENSE TO PEOPLE BORN WITHOUT EARS, no offense if you're deaf--but those are the only two valid reasons I take from people who say they don't like Dillinger Four, especially if they've ever hoisted a punk flag.
S: I'd like to fight Dillinger Four, just for bloody, tumble-down fun.