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DIDKDimbokro (airport code; Ivory Coast)
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The workshop will include a field trip to Dimbokro communities, where women groups use innovative approaches to obtain scarce land for agro-forestry, forestry, and energy production ventures.
Factional disputes occurred as early as the 1930s in Agboville, Bouake, Daloa, Dimbokro, Gagnoa, Man and elsewhere.
En 1906 la linea alcanzaba Agboville y, cuatro anos mas tarde, Dimbokro. El 15 de marzo de 1913 fue inaugurada la estacion de Bouake por el Gobernador General William Ponty.
Ouattara was born on January 1, 1942, in Dimbokro, French West Africa (now CE[sup.3]te d'Ivoire),.
(20) Alassane Dramane Ouattara nacio el 1 de enero de 1942 en el pueblo de Dimbokro (actual Cote d'Ivoire) en Africa Occidental Francesa (AOF).
In the central towns of Daoukro, Dimbokro and M Bahiakro, independent witnesses told Reuters by phone that that about 1,000 demonstrators had marched though each town.
Typical examples were a piece in L'Ivoire, an RDR weekly, on the situation in the town of Dimbokro, `where all one could hear in the streets was the Baoule language, and where Baoules acted as if they owned the place, doing only business with each other' [author's translation].(24) The headline in Le Republicain of 14 October 1995 ran: `La Cote d'Ivoire des Akans' over a story about the history of the Baoule 'clan' in the PDCI.
L'atelier comprendra une visite de terrain dans les communautes de Dimbokro, ou des groupes de femmes utilisent des approches novatrices pour obtenir des terres rares pour des projets d'agroforesterie, de foresterie et de production d'energie.