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DMPDebt Management Plan
DMPDossier Médical Personnel (France)
DMPDebt Management Program
DMPDigital Monitoring Products (alarm panel manufacturer)
DMPDhaka Metropolitan Police (Bangladesh)
DMPDot Matrix Printer
DMPDecision Making Process (marketing)
DMPDossier Médical Partagé (French: Shared Medical Record)
DMPDesignated Mailer Protocol
DMPDisease Management Program
DMPDigital Media Project
DMPData Management Plan
DMPDigital Mp3 Player
DMPDisaster Management Plan
DMPDigital Music Products
DMPDess-Martin Periodinane (reagent)
DMPDouble Match Point (backgammon)
DMPDepot Modernization Period (US Navy)
DMPDeclarative Meta-Programming
DMPDesert Margins Program
DMPDirty Mo Posse
DMPDisaster Management Program
DMPDockside Monitoring Program
DMPDigital Matte Painting (artwork)
DMPDoctor of Podiatric Medicine
DMPDirect Material Productivity
DMPDynamic Multiple Parity (disk array)
DMPData Management Processor
DMPDetection Monitoring Program
DMPDomestic Monitoring Program
DMPDoug Means Project (band)
DMPDouble Meat Palace (fictional restaurant; Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV series)
DMPDisaster Mitigation Preparedness
DMPDocument Merge Processing
DMPDuelmasterp (EverythingX, gaming)
DMPDesign Master Plan
DMPDatabase Management Processor
DMPDeployment and Maintenance Platform
DMPDepot Maintenance Period
DMPDocument Management Plan (UK MoD)
DMPDaily Maintenance Pack
DMPDownlink Measurement Protocol
DMPDistributed Multimedia Plays (television)
DMPDecision Making Person
DMPDesignated Medical Practioner (Canadian doctor who examines immigrants)
DMPDon Meier Productions
DMPDominant Movement Pattern (gymnastics)
DMPDepot Maintenance Program
DMPDirector, Military Programs
DMPDouble Movable Pulley
DMPDisk-storage Management Program
DMPDeparture Metering Program (US FAA)
DMPDynamic Multi-Pathing
DMPDigital Media Production
DMPDowntown Master Plan (various locations)
DMPDevelopment Master Plan (various organizations)
DMPDispositif et Moyen Particulier (French: Private Means Devices; energy industry)
DMPDual Masters Program (various schools)
DMPDry Matter Production
DMPDual Music Player
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Pre-spray and post-spray geometric mean concentrations ([micro]g/L) of urine pesticide metabolites--North Carolina and Virginia, 2002 and 2003 North Carolina (n = 75) Metabolite Pre-spray Post-spray Dimethylphosphate * ([dagger]) ([dagger]) Dimethylthiophosphate ([section]) 2.
Concentrations were summed to obtain overall concentrations of diethylphosphate metabolites (DE; sum of DEP, DETP, and DEDTP), dimethylphosphate metabolites (DM; sum of DMP, DMTP, and DMDTP), and all six nonspecific dialkylphosphate metabolites.
2011) recently published urinary DAP metabolite concentrations, specifically those of dimethylphosphate (DMP), dimethylthiophosphate (DMTP), dimethyl-dithiophosphate (DMDTP), diethylphosphate (DEP), diethylthiophosphate (DETP), and diethyldirhiophosphate (DEDTP), among 2,874 adults 20-59 years of age from the general U.
In later childhood, increasing prenatal total dialkyl- and dimethylphosphate metabolites were associated with decrements in perceptual reasoning in the maternal PON1 Q192R QQ genotype, which imparts slow catalytic activity for chlorpyrifos oxon, with a monotonic trend consistent with greater decrements with increasing prenatal exposure.
Diethyl- and dimethylphosphate metabolites were summed (as micromoles per liter) to obtain total diethylphosphate metabolites ([SIGMA]DEP) and total dimethylphosphate metabolites ([SIGMA]DMP), and total dialkylphosphate levels ([SIGMA]DAP).
Analytes included major organophosphate breakdown products that occur in urine: three dimethylphosphate metabolites (dimethylphosphate, dimethyldithiophosphate, and dimethylthiophosphate) and three diethylphosphate metabolites (diethylphosphate, diethyldithiophosphate, and diethylthiophosphate).
Although malathion can undergo metabolism similar to chlorpyrifos to form dimethylphosphate (DMP), dimethylthiophosphate (DMTP), or dimethyldithiophosphate (DMDTP), it likely first undergoes a simple or enzymatic hydrolysis of one or both of the ethyl ester moieties on its alkyl side chain (Bouchard et al.
Urine samples were analyzed using gas chromatographic procedures for the presence of five dialkylphosphate compounds produced by the metabolism of most OP pesticides: dimethylphosphate (DMP), dimethylthiophosphate (DMTP), dimethyldithiophosphate (DMDTP), diethylphosphate, and diethylthiophosphate.