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DMZDemilitarized Zone
DMZDemilitarized Zone (PCs directly connected online)
DMZZone Démilitarisée (French: Demilitarized Zone)
DMZDigital Media Zone
DMZDeer Management Zone (Massachusetts)
DMZData Management Zone
DMZDance Music Zone
DMZDuncan-Mortensen-Zakai Equation
DMZDetection of Motion Zone (CCTV)
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Evaluation of the genotoxic activity of metronidazole and dimetridazole in human lymphocytes by the comet assay.
Three veterinary medicines (dimetridazole, thiamphenicol, and sulfamethazine) and a human pharmaceutical (clarithromycin) were classified into Group 1.
However, regions with elevated levels (e.g., cities within the Yangtze River region) or frequent detection of potentially risky compounds (e.g., dimetridazole) require the application of a proactive monitoring framework based on a suite of indicator compounds with scenario-based interpretations and recommendations (Figure 5).
* Group D (veterinary, ineffective): dimetridazole and metronidazole).
Final Review Report and Regulatory Decision: The Reconsideration of Registrations of Products Containing Dimetridazole and their Associated Approval Labels.
These include nicarbazin, lascalocid and dimetridazole.
LLNL researchers have developed monoclonal anitbodies for dioxin, cyclodiene insecticides, pyrethroid insecticides, and dimetridazole, a veterinary drug.