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DRTDrug Replacement Therapy
DRTDebt Recovery Tribunal (India)
DRTDel Rio, Texas (border patrol sector)
DRTDel Rio (Amtrak station code; Del Rio, TX)
DRTDining Room Table
DRTDaughters of the Republic of Texas
DRTDepartment of Revenue and Taxation (various locations)
DRTDisaster Response Team
DRTDemand Responsive Transport (public transportation)
DRTDead Right There
DRTDirection de la Recherche Technologique (French)
DRTDesign Recovery Tool
DRTData Relay Transponder
DRTDistributed Real Time
DRTDocument Related Technologies
DRTDevelopment Research and Training (various locations)
DRTDiplôme de Recherche Technologique (French)
DRTDistributed Ray Tracing (computer graphics)
DRTDetection-Response Task
DRTDurham Region Transit (Canada)
DRTDirection des Relations du Travail (French: Labor Relations Division)
DRTDead Reckoning Tracer
DRTDo the Right Thing
DRTDesign Review Team
DRTDiscourse Representation Theory (linguistics)
DRTDomain Research Tool (software)
DRTDecision Response Time
DRTDiagnostic Rhyme Test
DRTDépartement Ressources et Technologies (French: Resources and Technologies Department)
DRTDefect Review Tool
DRTDel Rio, TX, USA (Airport Code)
DRTDisruptive Retail Thinking (marketing; Chicago, IL)
DRTDrift Race Team
DRTDeep Reconnaissance Team
DRTDynamic Racing Team (France)
DRTDebt Resolution Team (UK)
DRTDépannages Réparation Transport (French transportation repair company)
DRTDisregard Tape (order instruction that can be given to a broker)
DRTDérivés Résiniques & Terpéniques (French: Terpene & Resinic Derivatives)
DRTDwarven Ringmail Tunic (Everquest reference)
DRTDeveloper Regression Test
DRTDiversion Recovery Tool (FAA)
DRTDisaster Recovery Terminal
DRTDutchess Rail Trail (New York)
DRTDilation Reflection Translation (mathmatics)
DRTDomestic Return Time (curfew)
DRTDerosa Research and Trading, Inc.
DRTData Relay Terminal
DRTDose, Rate, Length Time of Exposure (radiation)
DRTDiode Recovery Tester
DRTDetected Replies Table
DRTDive Rescue Team
DRTDivision Reconnaissance Team
DRTDischarge Retention Tank
DRTDistortion-Rate Tradeoff
DRTDisposition, Reflection, Triad (band Tool's songs)
DRTDistance equals Rate multiplied by Time
DRTDome Roof Tank (oil storage)
References in classic literature ?
There was more agony and another paper for Elzbieta to sign, and then one night when Jurgis came home, he was told the breathless tidings that the furniture had arrived and was safely stowed in the house: a parlor set of four pieces, a bedroom set of three pieces, a dining room table and four chairs, a toilet set with beautiful pink roses painted all over it, an assortment of crockery, also with pink roses--and so on.
They lay in a sort of orderly disorder on the great dining room table.
The Jewish Home Beautiful recommended that the dining room table be covered with a simple white cloth and graced with a pair of silver candlesticks and a memorial candle in the form of a lone taper.
Nine pairs of shoes, 17 items of boys' clothing, four toy sets and a dining room table and chairs have been uploaded to the site in the past month.
Sandra, aged 74 and a former GP receptionist, said: "We were both sitting at the dining room table a minute before.
Since 1888 the Damask fabric has graced dining room tables and kitchens throughout the world with its stately elegance.
She doesn't have a greenhouse but sows her tomatoes from seed in plastic pots on the dining room table, transplants them into individual pots in multi-purpose compost when they're an inch high and then around a month later she puts them into a cold frame to harden them off, planting them out in late May or early June.
Mr Bean Bags, which started on a dining room table three years ago, now turns over pounds 127,000 and employs two staff.
But then our son James was born so we bought a house, and my parents gave us their old cherry dining room table.
They put dishes, silverware, a flower arrangement, and a pitcher of water on the dining room table. They furnished one bedroom like a college dorm room, one like a master bedroom, and one like a child's room.
Giordano noted the open center field of the area rugs creates an ideal setting for a dining room table.
And you left your math homework on the dining room table, so you get a fat zero for an hour's worth of algebra equations.