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DINKELDevelopment Institute for Knowledge Education and Learning (est. 1999 at University of Twente, The Netherlands)
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All these risks-rewards are focused on one word-aluminum-and Ford's decision to become the first automaker to use significant amounts of this lightweight material in high-volume production is a gamble," said Dinkel.
Fashioning Switzerland' is built around two bequests to the Fitzwilliam Museum: one, in 1910, by the Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge, of works by the Swiss watercolourist Markus Dinkel (1762-1832); and a later donation, by the Reverend Alfred Valentine-Richards of the Cambridge University Alpine Club, of a number of early views of Swiss mountain scenery.
Dinkel says that shows the gun's "elegant design" just can't be improved on.
It was really, really well hidden and we did not see it," recalled Dinkel.
He was born on August 16, 1883, in Kurzelsau, Wrttemberg, the youngest son of Johann Georg Dinkel and Catherine (nee Bierman).
To complicate things a little more, Dinkel adds, "The rules are different when there is a purchase or sale that doesn't impact control of the subsidiary, requiring the transaction to be recorded through equity.
The boy claims Jeni Lee Dinkel, 51, repeatedly had sex with him at booze parties at her home in Villa Hills, Kentucky.
The buzz is in employment-related liability coverage," says John Dinkel, outgoing president and CEO and current chairman of Forrest Sherer, Terre Haute, "like sexual harassment, retaliation and wrongful termination, based on race, national origin, obesity.
Our continuing efforts with Morningstar center around solving our customers' most critical and costly problems," said Thomas Dinkel, vice president of sales for Fat Spaniel Technologies.
We want to preserve the historical basis for the Y's using Camp Fox and benefiting the kids of the Y,'' said Mel Dinkel, chief executive officer of the conservancy charged with stewarding the 48,000-acre island.