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DINODinosaur National Monument (US National Park Service)
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In 1962, Woodbury (1963) found that, with the exception of a few side streams and springs of fresh clear water, the algal, hydrophyte, and bryophyte flora of Dinosaur National Monument was notoriously poor, due, he speculated, to the annual spring flooding by the Green and Yampa rivers and the heavy sediment loads they carry.
The one-day and multiday voyages down the Green and Yampa Rivers through Dinosaur National Monument are among the best river trips in the West.
857 (enlarging Dinosaur National Monument from 203,885 acres to
In 2001, an outbreak of acute respiratory disease occurred among persons working at a Native American archeological site at Dinosaur National Monument in northeastern Utah.
Family Raft Adventure in Dinosaur National Monument, Utah.
A threatened orchid species, the Ute ladies'-tresses (Spiranthes diluvialis), occurs in Dinosaur National Monument, which straddles the Colorado-Utah border.
Fast-forward a few decades, to my family's summer trip to Dinosaur National Monument, in northeastern Utah.
Among its attractions for paleozoologists, the state contains part of the fossil trove designated Dinosaur National Monument.
In that one, decades after he was supposed to have died in Bolivia, Cassidy visited a small log cabin in what is now Dinosaur National Monument.
Dinosaur National Monument is located 15 miles east of Vernal and is home of the world-famous Wall of Bones, which showcases more than 1,500 dinosaur bones that can be viewed from the new Quarry Exhibit Hall.