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DPTDoctor of Physical Therapy
DPTDiverted Profits Tax (UK)
DPTDepartment of Personnel and Training (Virginia)
DPTDigital Photography Techniques (magazines)
DPTDollar per Transaction
DPTDiphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus
DPTDirty Pretty Things (band)
DPTDépartement de Physique Théorique (French: Department of Theoretical Physics; various locations)
DPTDiabetes Prevention Trial (National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases)
DPTDigital Printing Technologies (Traverse City, MI)
DPTDeep Pressure Therapy (psychiatry)
DPTDouble Patterning Technology (integrated circuit manufacturing)
DPTDublin Port Tunnel (Dublin, Ireland)
DPTDays Prior To
DPTDial Pulse Terminate
DPTDisk Performance Tester
DPTDigital Prototyping
DPTDesign Proof Test
DPTDynamic Packet Transport
DPTDrive Parameter Table
DPTDynamic Packet Transport (Cisco)
DPTDavy Process Technology (UK)
DPTDepartment of Parking and Traffic (San Francisco, CA)
DPTDruk Phuensum Tshogpa (Bhutan United Party)
DPTDocument de Politique Transversale (Cross-cutting Policy Statement)
DPTDistributed Processing Technology
DPTDevlet Planlama Teskilati (State Planning Agency of Turkey)
DPTDonation-Partage Transgénérationnelle (French: Transgenerational Gift-Sharing; tax planning)
DPTDew Point Temperature
DPTDirect Push Technology
DPTDifferential Pressure Transmitter
DPTDunlop Phoenix Tournament (golf; Japan)
DPTDemocratic Party of Turkmenistan
DPTDynamic Penetrometer Test (geotechnology)
DPTDixie Power Trio (band)
DPTDirection des Produits Thérapeutiques (French: Therapeutic Products Directorate; Canada)
DPTN,N-Dipropyltryptamine (psychedelic drug)
DPTDrive Parameter Tracking (monitors parameters)
DPTDigital Proprietary Telephone
DPTDouble Plays Turned (baseball)
DPTDevelopment Prototype
DPTDial Pulse Terminating
DPTDiocesan Pastoral Team
DPTDrejtoria e Përgjithshme E Tatimeve (Albanian: General Directorate of Taxs)
DPTData Processing Team
DPTData Processing Terminal
DPTDistribution-Preserving Tomlinson
DPTDeployable Proficiency Trainer
DPTDirector of Plans & Training
DPTDemocratic Party Tajikistan
DPTDistributed Physical Test (Hekimian)
DPTDynamic Project Team (IRS)
DPTDeep Pressure Touch
DPTDate Paid Through
DPTDie Penetrant Test(ing)
DPTDécouverte Professionnelle et Technologique (French: Vocational and Technological Discovery)
DPTDurable Press Treatment (fabrics)
DPTDigital Pad Table (Sprint)
DPTDual Path Transceiver
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Both male and female patients undergoing cataract surgery with a minimum pre-operative astigmatism of 0.5 diopters (D) were included.
Depending on design, it may also have a focusing or diopter ring with registry marks.
Intacs are approved for treating the approximately 20 million adult Americans who are within the range of -1.0 to -3.0 diopters. Defined as "mild" myopes, these people often require correction for ordinary activities like driving or seeing an alarm clock and are estimated to be the fastest growing segment of the vision correction surgery market.
We especially liked the diopter button for long and short-sighted adjustment.
Percent of each Percent of each Number RE type in all RE type in (47) RE type of cases (352) students students with RE Hyperopia ([greater 13 3.6% 27.6% than or equal to] +1.0 diopter) Myopia ([greater 33 9.37% 70.2% than or equal to] -0.5 diopter) Anisometropia 29 8.23% 61.7% ([greater than or equal to] 1.0 diopter) Astigmatism 12 3.4% 25.5% (>1.0 diopter) Table 3: Amblyopia prevalence in different types of RE.
An accurate image could not be taken without a 90 diopter lens (Figure 4).
Variables were compared based on the presence or absence of at least 0.50 diopters of astigmatism, gender and age (two groups less and equal to 25 years at operation time and above 25 years at operation time).
Other problems have included improper collimation, no purging and incorrect zero diopter settings and infinity focus.
The focus and diopter settings are easily operable when wearing hunting gloves, and the eyecups are adjustable for eyeglass wearers.
Shooting Specs are available from +1.0 to +3.0 in 0.5 diopter increments but if you don't know a quick trip to a drugstore that sells reading glasses will help you find out.
Seavenger has also developed an exclusive on-site lens calculator that completely eliminates the need for personal assistance in choosing the right mask diopter. “Customers are continually intimidated and confused as to how to calculate lens strength based on seemingly complicated sphere corrections, cylinder corrections, axis angles, NV and ADD numbers.