DIPCDocument Individuel de Prise en Charge (French: Individual Document Management)
DIPCDirector of Infection Prevention and Control (UK)
DIPCDonostia International Physics Center (Spain)
DIPCDistributed Inter-Process Communication
DIPCDefense Industrial Plant Equipment Center (US DoD)
DIPCDerniers Instants du Premier Cycle (French: First Round Last Moments)
DIPCDudley International Piano Competition (UK)
DIPCDisposable Income per Capita (economics)
DIPCDirect Ignition of Pulverized Coal (combustion engineering)
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If the source IP address Am of class SIPC ([A.sub.m]) causes DIPC ([A.sub.m]) to be NULL, we define all of the data packets as source semidirectivity interaction flow and mark them as SOH([A.sub.m]).
The S02 elasticity with respect to DIpc is 1.73, suggesting that a 10 % increase in the disposable income leads to a 17 % increase in S02 concentration (statistically significant at 1 % confidence level).
After her 2011 debut in Dubai at the third edition of the DIPC, she got an offer to train young Emiratis based at Skydive Dubai.
A job description states the DIPC will be the "public face" of infection prevention and control and will be someone with contacts with expert prevention and control advice.
2012, there are three designated areas in the DIPC. They are the decontamination or dirty area, the clean area and the storage area.
When all the reagents have been completely dissolved, an equal molar amount (compared with the amount of lysine used) of coupling agent, DIPC, was added.
The peptide synthesis from Fmoc-amino acids using DIPC as the condensation catalyst, as described in the"Mimotopes"manualand 22], was chosen as a standard procedure, except that 4-methyl-piperidine (4MPIP) was employed instead of piperidine [36,37] and NMP was used as the Fmoc removal and amino acid attachment solvent instead of DMF [38].
The research, conducted by Iranian scientists at the Khajeh Nasir Toosi University of Technology (KNTU) in close collaboration with their Swedish colleagues at Chalmers University of Technology and KTH Royal Institute of Technology as well as Spanish experts affiliated with Centro de Fisica de Materiales (CSIC-UPV/EHU) and Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), was focused on examining the influence of LSPR upon the magneto-optical (MO) characteristics of ferromagnetic nanoparticles including nickel, cobalt and iron through their Kerr rotation data.
The input from the online forums, DIPC says, will be reviewed by the 13-member SIPC Modernization Task Force, which is meeting in person and via the Internet to review and discuss the mission and operations of SIPC.
The three-day show will run alongside the Dubai International Peace Convention (DIPC) at Dubai Airport Expo.Al Islami will be participating in the event to highlight the latest industry trends and key issues to raise awareness of the halal food global megatrend.