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The other vaccines implicated were hepatitis B (two children), diphtheria-tetanus (one child), diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (three children), Haemophilus influenzae type b (three children), and the oral polio vaccine (three children}.
Additionally, the median duration in days of whooping and vomiting was zero in the DTaP vaccinated group as compared to greater than or equal to 20 days in the control group that received a combined diphtheria-tetanus (DT) vaccine.
The results of the efficacy study also revealed that the Company's DTaP vaccine had no significant adverse reactions and that the incidence of less severe, local reactions was similar between the DTaP vaccinated group and the control group that received a combined diphtheria-tetanus (DT) vaccine.
The other vaccines implicated in the study were hepatitis B (2 cases), diphtheria-tetanus (1 case), diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (3 cases), Haemophilus influenzae type b (3 cases), and the oral polio vaccine (3 cases).
Computing the rate for each vaccine--given the numbers of each vaccine delivered, and based on the assumption that each and every vaccine given to a particular patient who had a reaction was the cause--the researchers estimated that the vaccine with the highest rate of anaphylactic reactions was the diphtheria-tetanus vaccine, at about 21 per million doses.
residents, especially those traveling to countries with endemic diphtheria: 1) completion of a primary series with diphtheria toxoid-containing vaccine (persons aged [greater than or equl to] 7 years: three doses of adult formulation tetanus-diphtheria toxoid; children aged [less than] 7 years: four doses of DTP vaccine [for children aged [less than] 7 years with a contraindication to pertussis vaccine: infant formulation diphtheria-tetanus toxoid]) and 2) receipt of the most recent dose of this vaccine (either primary series or booster dose) within the previous 10 years [10].
2 -Preparaty pharmaceutical, others (code DC General 021-2015-33651000-8 against infectious agents for systemic use and vaccines (hepatitis B vaccine in children; vaccine for pertussis, diphtheria , tetanus, measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, adsorbed diphtheria-tetanus toxoid)
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