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DPGDBDipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate (plasticizer, raw material for agrochemical products)
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A series of nontoxic plasticizers are selected for plasticizing PLA including glyceryl tribenzoate (GTB), dipropylene glycol dibenzoate (DPGDB), and glyceryl triacetate (GTA).
Synthesis of Dipropylene Glycol Dibenzoate (DPGDB) and Glyceryl Tribenzoate (GTB)
The dipropylene glycol dibenzoate (DGD, or Benzoflex 9-88) values were considerably more favorable than the other BBP alternative chemistries that were examined.
Benzoflex benzoic acid esters for PVC include Benzoflex 9-88 dipropylene glycol dibenzoate, Benzoflex 2-45 diethylene glycol dibenzoate, Benzoflex 50 (a blend of 9-88 and Benzoflex 2-45), Benzoflex 2088, Benzoflex 2160 (blends of benzoate plasticizers), and Benzoflex 284 propylene glycol dibenzoate.