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DIRCEDirection Interdépartementale des Routes Centre Est (French: Interdepartmental Centre Branch Road East)
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Davis Fernandes Ferreira, Dirce Bonfim Lima, Flavia Barreto Santos, Hermann Goncalves Schatzmayr, Amilcar Tanuri, and Rita Maria Ribeiro Nogueira
The authors would like to thank Mark Schmidt and Thomas Hoppe of the Wurttembergisches Landesmuseum, Dirce Marzoli, Karlene Jones-Bley, Jim Mallory, Vincent Megaw and Anthony Tuck for help at various stages.
At the regional level (17 regional autonomous communities), DIRCE registered in 1999 the number of establishments of 287 industries at 3-digits of the NACE industrial classification.
Romancista do perecivel, 'moderno Eclesiastes', sua obra e expressao de angustia temporal", resume Dirce Cortes Riedel (214).
AMARANTE, Dirce Waltrick do, 'The Language and Translation of Finnegans Wake', in ABEI Journal, No.
His body was discovered by a maid, Dirce de Olieveira, 48, on Monday morning when she arrived for work.
Chapter 5 describes the outcome of their efforts, but to the plight of Velaschi's father is added a story about a landowner's suicide, a portrait of Dirce Raspagnotti's son, and further narrative material.