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Anthony Rafferty, Commercial Director for Direct Line Financial Services, collected the trophy.
Andy Marchant, managing director of Direct Line Financial Services, said: "This survey backs up the forecast for lower growth as the economy slows.
If that sounds like a tall order, his track record shows he turned Direct Line Financial Services into a pounds 1.
Andy Marchant, managing director of Direct Line Financial Services, said the methods used in the survey - only asking about major purchases valued more than pounds 1,000 - enabled analysts to get a clear picture about the health of the British economy.
Spowart spent 28 years with the Royal Bank, latterly as managing director of the phenomenally successful Direct Line Financial Services offshoot.
Heading up the operation is Scots financial high-flyer Jim Spowart, who set up the hugely successful Standard Life Bank and helped launch Direct Line Financial Services.
But, according to telephone-based insurer Direct Line Financial Services, behind the glossy advertisements lies a different world, where home-buyers discover that the adage "There's no such thing as a free lunch" is as valid as ever.
They also announced that Direct Line Financial Services had rung up pounds 1billion of telephone loans and savings since being set up 1993.
He rose to head their subsidiary Direct Line Financial Services.
Meanwhile, Direct Line Financial Services say customers are flocking to them.
Direct Line Financial Services took more than 4,000 calls for pounds 4.
Susan was hired by Direct Line Financial services last year to cope with ever-increasing applications for new mortgages.