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DLOSDirect Line of Sight
DLOSDedicated Loan Origination and Servicing
DLOSDark Lord of the Sith (Star Wars game)
DLOSDate of Loss (US Army)
DLOSDismounted Line of Sight
DLOSDivision Logistics Organization Structure
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Firstly, its approach to "daylighting", where 78% of all occupied areas have a direct line of sight to the outside, following studies that show students who have greater access to daylight are healthier and adopt better work habits leading to improved academic performance.
Expect to be in direct line of sight with Namibia's famous rust-red dunes of five-million-year-old sand, or, on the rare occasion of a heavy rainfall, a turquoise lake caused by the flooding of nearby Tsauchab River.
In each of the center's 18 private infusion therapy rooms, patient chairs face the windows, giving the patients views while providing caregivers a direct line of sight to the patient for safety.
"I have been a naturist for 40 years and do it in the privacy of my garden but this one window will have a direct line of sight on to me and will affect my ability to occasionally sunbathe in the buff.
When the moon is in direct line of sight of the sun, a "totality" completely and precisely blocks our central star from view, casting a shadow on Earth's surface about 100 miles in diameter.
There is also head-up-display, which displays information on speed, traffic signs, speed limiter setting and navigation direction on to the windscreen in the driver's direct line of sight, ensuring that their eyes remain on the road.
A basic tenet of the book is that even highly intelligent professionals often experience "blindness." She writes: "For no physiological reason, sometimes we fail to see something that's in our direct line of sight. We overlook things when they are unexpected or too familiar, when they blend in, and when they are too aberrant or abhorrent to imagine."
Those infrared signals require a direct line of sight, which is what makes it perfect for this sort of application.
But let's face it, some of those chairs that sit in the corner, in direct line of sight of the TV have seen better days.
(1) With the microscope, the surgeon can see structures or detect disease that is in a direct line of sight. Endoscopy allows the surgeon to potentially "see around corners." Otoendoscopy can protect critical structures and detect and remove cholesteatoma that cannot be seen with the microscope unless a significant amount of bone is removed, both lateral and medial to the facial nerve.
In conjunction, the company revealed the APA video laryngoscope offers improved Cormack-Lehane views, superior viewing angles compared to direct line of sight and an improved view of anatomical structures that are normally impossible to observe.
Without direct line of sight, the speaker stopped playing about 81 feet away from the source smartphone.