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DLPDigital Light Processing
DLPData Loss Prevention (information technology)
DLPDisneyland Paris
DLPDerrière la Porte (French: Behind the Door; art website)
DLPDistribution Leader Price (discount retailer; France)
DLPData Leak Prevention
DLPDemocratic Labor Party
DLPDigital Likelihood Processing
DLPDual Logical Processor
DLPDynamic Logic of Permission
DLPDistributed Logic Programming
DLPDigital Light Projection
DLPData Level Parallelism
DLPData Loss Prevention
DLPDiscrete Logarithm Problem (number-theoretic reference problem)
DLPDistance Learning Program
DLPDisneyland Park (Disney resort)
DLPDistributed Library Project
DLPDental Lab Products (publication)
DLPData Link Protocol
DLPDynamic Logic Programming
DLPDose Length Product (measure of total exposure for a study in Computed Tomography)
DLPDominica Labor Party
DLPDevice Link Profile
DLPDistance Learning Partnership (UK)
DLPDirection de la Lecture Publique (French: Directorate of Public Reading; also seen as DLLP)
DLPDelta Lambda Phi (fraternity)
DLPDigital Light Projector
DLPDirect Loan Program
DLPDisabilities Law Project (Pennsylvania, USA)
DLPData-Level Parallelism
DLPDigital License Plate
DLPDisability Law and Policy Program (Syracuse University; New York)
DLPDelactosed Permeate (effluent)
DLPDate of Last Payment
DLPData Link Processor
DLPDistinguished Lecturer Program
DLPDefect Liability Period
DLPDefence Learning Portal
DLPDominican Liberation Party (political group)
DLPDistinguished Lecturers Program
DLPDepository Library Program
DLPDairy, Livestock and Poultry (USDA)
DLPDirect Link Protocol (IEEE 802.11e)
DLPDiscrete Logarithmic Problem
DLPDistributed Logic Programming Language
DLPDesktop Link Protocol (PalmPilot HotSync protocol)
DLPData Life Plus
DLPDefense Language Program
DLPDéveloppement des Loisirs de Plage (French: Beach Recreation Development)
DLPDistance Learning Pack (UK)
DLPDirect-Labeled Probe
DLPDigital Laser Projector
DLPDragons Lair Project (gaming)
DLPDark Lord Potter (discussion forum)
DLPDigital Light Pipe
DLPDreamland Park
DLPData Link Pod
DLPDecode Level Point
DLPDoctrinal Literature Program
DLPDirector of Laboratory Programs
DLPDimension/Length Profile
DLPDisplay Link Parallel
DLPDell Logistics Provider
DLPDigital Llama Productions
DLPDigitell Legacy Productions
DLPDavid Laurence Phillips (DLP Associates, architecture firm)
DLPDual Linearly Polarized
DLPDepot Level Spares
DLPDon Logay Productions (Laguna Niguel, CA)
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They also assert that the complete switch to the Direct Loan program in 2010 led to record levels of outstanding student debt and defaults--a claim with no causal basis.
Ford Federal Direct Loan Program (Ford) allowed schools to provide loans to their students with the backing of the federal government while Federal Family Education Loan Program (FFELP) continued the practice of allowing students to borrow federally-endorsed loans through private banks.
The model further suggests that it is important for the government to impose quantity limits in its direct loan programs or in guarantee programs where the government fixes the borrowing rate, in order to avoid excessive borrowing by bad borrowers.
* Loan Limits would mirror those in the Direct Loan Program. New borrowers could borrow IDEA Loans up to the combined amount they could have borrowed from the subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford programs for their academic level (except that total would all be unsubsidized.) Graduate and professional students who could have borrowed an additional amount above their unsubsidized Stafford eligibility under the Grad PLUS program would be able to borrow that same amount in additional IDEA funds.
The Federal Direct Loan Program has about $220 billion in loans, including $58 billion in subsidized Stafford loans, $59 billion in unsubsidized Stafford loans, $20 billion in PLUS loans and $83 billion in consolidation loans.
During Tuesday's hearing, Democrats on the House subcommittee said it was important to continue to make improvements, but contended there was no need to reverse course or label the direct loan program as flawed.
Ford Federal Direct Loan Program, and continues to provide Pell Grants, to make college more affordable and accessible.
Although not included directly in HEA, President Obama proposed in his fiscal year 2010 budget request that Congress merge the Federal Family Education Loan program into the Direct Loan program. Congress approved this change that ended loan subsides to private lenders early in 2010, and the savings were used to increase Pell Grants funding, and for other purposes.
Under the purported highlights of the bill, SAFRA would end of Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program, shifting all student loans to the Federal Direct Loan program. Estimates indicated this maneuver would save approximately $61 billion over a 10-year period, which would be applied to programs and policies.
"We have actually been processing and we've been involved in the direct loan program since last year, because when there were rumors of these things going around, we wanted to be ahead of the ballgame," said Beau Walker, director of public relations.
Universities and colleges were shifting to the direct loan program on their own.