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DTVDigital Television
DTVDeutscher Taschenbuch Verlag
DTVDirecTV, Inc.
DTVDesign to Value (product development)
DTVDesktop Video
DTVDurf te Vragen (Dutch: Dare to Ask)
DTVDesktop Videocard
DTVDirect to Video
DTVDvi to Vga
DTVDirect Television
DTVDue to Void
DTVDay Television
DTVDisque Tu Veux (France)
DTVDisc Thickness Variation (automotive disc brakes)
DTVDurchschnittliche Tägliche Verkehrsstärke (German: Average Daily Traffic Volume)
DTVDigital Thermostatic Valve (Kohler)
DTVDenton Television (Denton, TX)
DTVDistribution Turnkey Vendor (sales tracking software)
DTVDriver's Thermal Viewer
DTVDual Tracked Vehicle
DTVDeutscher Tanzsportverband Ev (German Dancing League)
DTVDistributed Training Vehicle
DTVDirect to Vendor
DTVDeutscher Terminhandel Verband EV (German futures trading association)
DTVDynamic Test Vehicle
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The police chief leading the hunt made a direct television appeal to the girls' abductor to let them go free.
Under a plan presented in July, the Secretaria de Comunicaciones y Transportes (SCT) said the Mexican government would auction off in October a new satellite frequency to Mexican-foreign partnerships to transmit direct television and direct data to the country.
Netlink's package includes local and, long distance telephone service, direct television.
It was prohibited from broadcasting under the terms of a section of the Irish Broadcasting Act which prevented direct television or radio comments from members of a number of listed organisations, including the IRA, Sinn Fein and other Irish republican and loyalist groups associated with violence.
Another program, still in the testing stage, is The Builder Channel, a joint project of NAHB, Member Direct Television, and the DirecTV satellite network.
James and Cunningham (1987) found that direct television ad shoppers have a higher convenience motivation than nonshoppers.
The demand for commercial satellites is driven by direct television with HD and 3-D TV now taking shape," Le Gall said.
Snooker is a sport that features frequently in televised coverage and therefore the tobacco people will realise they have got direct television advertising of their products," he said.
Private launches of commercial satellites for data communications, remote imaging, direct television broadcasting, and other emerging global telecommunications applications have become a hot growth area.