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DTSData Transformation Services (OLAP)
DTSDigital Theater Sound (Digital Theater Systems, Inc.)
DTSDefense Travel System
DTSDallas Theological Seminary
DTSDigital Theater Systems, Inc.
DTSDepartment of Technology Services
DTSDon't Think So
DTSDigital Theatre System
DTSDefense Transportation System
DTSDigital Thermal Sensor (computing)
DTSDefect Tracking System
DTSDecoding Time Stamp (MPEG systems)
DTSDigital Transmission System
DTSData Transfer System
DTSDistributed Traffic Shaping (Cisco)
DTSDiplomatic Telecommunications Service
DTSDeemed to Satisfy (building codes)
DTSDistributed Time Service
DTSDown to Snuggle
DTSDeville Touring Sedan (Cadillac)
DTSDescriptive Translation Studies
DTSDigital Terrain System
DTSDocument Tracking System
DTSData Terminal Set
DTSDirect-To-Sailor (US Navy)
DTSDispatcher Training Simulator
DTSDown the Shore (New Jersey slang)
DTSData Transfer Standard
DTSDistributed Temperature Sensors
DTSDedicated Transmission Service
DTSDigital Time Stamp
DTSDead Theologians Society
DTSDownthesun (band)
DTSDigital Transmission Systems, Inc. (former stock symbol; now delisted)
DTSDisciple Training School
DTSDigital Termination Service
DTSDigital Termination System (telecom)
DTSDopo I Tempi Supplementari (Italian: After Extra Time; soccer)
DTSDirect To Site (deliveries)
DTSData Transport Standard
DTSDigital Telecommunications System
DTSDrogowa Trasa Srednicowa (Poland expressway)
DTSDiplomatic Telecommunications System
DTSDispositivo Telefónico Para Sordos (Spanish)
DTSDeficiency Tracking System
DTSDigital Terminal Systems (Bellcore)
DTSDivision of Technical Services
DTSDynamic Transport System (Optical Networks, Inc.)
DTSDesk Top Support
DTSDesert Tiger Stripe (camouflage)
DTSDanger to Shipping (obesity)
DTSDigital Test Signal
DTSData Transmission Subsystem
DTSDefense Telephone System
DTSDragon Tooth Sword (gaming, Deus Ex)
DTSDoctor of Theological Studies
DTSDigital Tandem Switch
DTSDynamic Type Switching
DTSDeployable Transit-Cased System
DTSDigital Test Station
DTSDevelopment Test Set
DTSDigital Test Stand
DTSDigital Test Subsystem
DTSDeliverables Tracking System
DTSDifference of Two Squares
DTSDifferential Temperature Switch
DTSDeath to Smoochie (movie)
DTSDigital Trunk Signaling
DTSDigital Transceiver System (digital avalanche transceiver)
DTSDenied Terminating Service
DTSDiscrete Transition System (computer science)
DTSDisplay Test Station
DTSDistrict Training Seminar
DTSDepartmental Telecommunications System (US State Department)
DTSDate Time Satisfied
DTSData Transfer Switchboard
DTSDigital Transmission Surveillance System
DTSDefault Transport Session (IEEE)
DTSDate Training Starts
DTSDepartment of Training Services
DTSDesktop Technical Services
DTSData Terminal Software (ViaSat)
DTSDaily Time Sheet
DTSDaily Test Schedule
DTSDeeside Transport System (UK)
DTSDrug Treatment Service (various organizations)
DTSDimension Technology Solutions, Inc. (various locations)
DTSDrama and Theatre Studies (various universities)
DTSData Technology Solutions (Breaux Bridge, LA)
DTSDistributed Technology Support
DTSDecline to State (voter affiliation designation)
DTSDrivetrain and Suspension (vehicles)
DTSDevelopment Technical Support (various organizations)
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The latest Navy news will still be available six times a day through "Daily News Update," available on Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS), Direct-to-Sailor Television (DTS) and the Pentagon Channel, as well as on "All Hands Radio News" (formerly known as "Navy/Marine Corps Radio News") available on Armed Forces Network Radio.
The compilation of Navy news is now piped to ships by way of the Data Channel, part of the Television Direct-to-Sailor (TVDTS) satellite service.
AFRTS also utilizes three other Intelsat satellites to distribute AFN and Direct-to-Sailor (DTS) services to Americans located throughout the world.