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DCIADebt Collection Improvement Act
DCIADistributed Computing Industry Association (international trade organization)
DCIADirector of the Central Intelligence Agency
DCIADirectly Connected Impervious Area (water management; various locations)
DCIADurham Congregations in Action (Durham, NC)
DCIADeep Circumflex Iliac Artery (pelvis)
DCIADroit Comparé et International des Affaires (French: Comparative Law and International Affairs)
DCIADependent Converging Instrument Approach (air traffic control procedure)
DCIADiploma in Computerised Industrial Accounting (India)
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In the Mustoja basin, the directly connected impervious area or DCIA was determined to be 26.8% of the total land use area (see Table 3).
For EIA directly connected impervious areas (DCIAs) need to be accounted because the part that is not directly connected to storm drainage has less impact on the output (Lee and Heaney, 2003; Ebrahimian et al., 2016).
Bids were collected, ranked in ascending order, and then weighted on the basis of objective criteria that would affect effectiveness (e.g., area of directly connected impervious area, soil runoff potential, and proximity to a stream reach).
* Implementing planning requirements to minimize the amount of directly connected impervious areas and to incorporate buffer strips, open space, and structural BMPs to control runoff from new developments.
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