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Edwin Roque, director for logistics, to immediately deploy all available PNP transport vehicles consisting of four coasters, a bus, and four trucks.
Angelito Casimiro, PNP director for logistics said the equipment is part of the 2017 procurement and the distribution is part of their capability enhancement program.
The Director for Logistics is supported by the Vice Director for Logistics, Deputy Directors for Strategic Logistics, Operational Logistics, and Joint Logistics Operations, and the Assistant for Mobilization.
(DPA) He will be replaced by Brigadier General Soe Tint Naing, whose previous role was as a director for logistics, the agency said in a Facebook post.
John Tye, the Port's commercial director for logistics, said: "This is great news following the major investment in a new PS6m gantry crane.
As the Joint Staff Director for Logistics, J4, we are responsible for providing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff with the best possible logistics advice to set the conditions for globally integrated operations.
The plan had been reported earlier today by Sao Paulo-based newspaper Valor Economico, which cited Humberto Freitas, Vale's executive director for logistics.
(128) for 2012 was issued on Wednesday appointing military members at Interior Ministry as following: Brigadier/ Awad Mohammed Yaish as a general director for logistics and supply affairs.
"The need for building relationships with key education providers is an important aspect to ensure education and industry requirements meets the skill gaps in the sector," said David Harris, director for Logistics of the Foreign Investment Office, an agency of the DED.
TIC's director for logistics and supply chain management MSc courses, Dennis Foster, also said: "The Skills for Logistics' stairway has been designed to perform a number of functions for the sector.
Smith, Hawaii, to director for Logistics, J-4, United States Central Command, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida.
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