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DOPDominican Peso (ISO currency code)
DOPDirector of Photography
DOPDiameter of Particle(s)
DOPDegree of Parallelism (database management systems)
DOPDeclaration of Performance (Construction Products Regulation; EU)
DOPDegree of Polarization (fiber optics)
DOPDepartment of Personnel
DOPDilution Of Precision (GPS)
DOPDioctyl Phthalate
DOPDepartment of Posts (Ministry of Communications, India)
DOPDate of Production
DOPDate of Payment
DOPDate of Publication
DOPDenominazione d'Origine Protetta (Italian: Protected Designation of Origin)
DOPDegree of Protection (target analysis and terminal ballistics)
DOPDivision of Personnel (various locations)
DOPDeclaration of Principles
DOPDepartment of Psychiatry (various organizations)
DOPDeclaration of Peace
DOPDelineation of Privileges (health care)
DOPDaughters of Penelope
DOPDirect Object Pronoun (education)
DOPDepth Of Penetration
DOPData-Oriented Parsing (computational linguistics)
DOPDifference Of Perception
DOPDivision of Privileges
DOPDetailed Operating Procedure
DOPDropping Outward Pilot (maritime industry)
DOPDate of Purchase
DOPDirector of Pharmacy
DOPDirector of Operations
DOPDispositif Opérationnel de Protection (French: Device Operational Protection)
DOPDivisional Operating Profit
DOPDestruction of Property (crime)
DOPDepartment Operating Procedure
DOPDirect Operating Profit
DOPDirectory Operational Binding Management Protocol
DOPDrop Off Point
DOPFormai de Mut Dell'Alta Val Brembana (Italian)
DOPDaily Operating Plan
DOPDay One Purchase
DOPUnited States Department of Peace
DOPDiver Operated Plug
DOPDomain of Pain (Counter-Strike gaming clan)
DOPDigital Offset Press
DOPDesktop Optimisation Pack (Microsoft)
DOPDesignated Overhaul Point (rework facility)
DOPDissolved Organic Phosphorous
DOPDispersed Oil Particulate (filtration testing)
DOPDirector of Procurement (job)
DOPDevelopment Options Paper
DOPDirectory Operational Protocol
DOPDublin Orchestral Players
DOPDaily Obnoxious Post
DOPDropped Object Protection (Structures)
DOPDisaster Operations Plan
DOPDecoy Operating Program
DOPData/Date Object Processed
DOPDrawing Office Practice
DOPDevelopmental Opportunities Program
DOPDiffractive Optics Plate
DOPDigitally Operated Potentiometer
DOPDepth of Plane
DOPDepot Overhaul Plan
DOPDevelopment Operations Paper
DOPDetachment Operating Procedure
DOPDrain Open Failure Mode
DOPDirty Old Pervert
DOPDirect Owner Purchase
DOPDirector of Payments
DOPDirector of Props
DOPDesktop Operating Procedure
DOPDivision of Prisons (North Carolina)
DOPDivision of Occupational Psychology (British Psychological Society)
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Rick Bhandari, director of pharmacy at Woods Supermarkets, remarked: "It was great, and I had a good time working with the team on our visits.
According to Dr Moza al-Hail, HMC's executive director of pharmacy, some patients need only a simple adjustment to their medication schedule while others require a more complex solution.
Rasha Al Anany, Director of Pharmacy at Al Wakra Hospital and Residency Program Director said achieving ASHP accreditation required the program to apply a rigorous process to ensure compliance with advancedand well-establishedpharmacy practice standards.
MICHAEL TODARO has received many accolades as director of pharmacy and clinical support services at University Hospitals, but he's most proud of one in particular.
Three years ago, she got the opportunity to become the director of pharmacy at a brand-new facility, HealthSouth East Valley Rehabilitation Hospital in Phoenix.
Mike Culshaw, clinical director of pharmacy at the Trust, said: "We are really pleased that the new Co-operative pharmacy is now up and running.
"As we continue to realize the value of pharmacists and what they can do, we want to provide more of a health care focus, so that when patients walk in they see it's not simply about filling their prescription," executive director of pharmacy and health care experience Nimesh Jhaveri says about the burgeoning net-work.
"With Talyst technologies, Parkview Health has established a hub and spoke model redistributing to six pharmacies that are servicing eight hospitals," said Tim Cmelik, Director of Pharmacy at Parkview Health.
"We have tried to contact the drug control officer who was quoted in the November media report to get more information about the products, but we have not been able to," Star Online quoted Director of Pharmacy Enforcement Mohd Hatta Ahmad as saying.
Director of pharmacy at NHS Shetland Chris Nicolson said: The PPC will make a site visit to Scalloway to familiarise themselves with Scalloway and the surrounding area.
Editors Cuellar (Director of Pharmacy and Clinical Support Services, TIRR Memorial Hermann) and Ginsburg (clinical professor, College of Pharmacy, U.
Anne Joshua, NHS Direct's associate director of pharmacy, said: "The tool helps with self-care and also helps to decide when professional advice is needed or if the condition is serious enough to seek urgent medical help.
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