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DPPDemocratic Progressive Party (Taiwan)
DPPDewan Pimpinan Pusat (Indonesian: Central Board)
DPPDirector of Public Prosecutions
DPPDigital Photo Professional (software)
DPPDivision of Plasma Physics
DPPDigital Photo Printer
DPPDiabetes Prevention Program
DPPDigital Photo Pro
DPPDrunken Peasants Podcast
DPPDirection de la Prévention et de la Protection (French: Department of Prevention and Protection)
DPPDiesel Performance Products
DPPDeputy Public Prosecutor (various locations)
DPPDefence Procurement Procedure (India)
DPPPapar (SIL Code, Mamlaysian language)
DPPDeterminantal Point Processes (statistics)
DPPDirector of Policy and Planning (various organizations)
DPPDepartment of Plant Protection (Pakistan)
DPPDevelopment Project Proposal (Bangladesh)
DPPDischarge-Produced Plasma (energy technology)
DPPDepartment of Planning and Permitting
DPPDual Parallel Port
DPPDirect Print Port
DPPData Path Processor
DPPDynamic Point to Point
DPPDigital Photo Professional
DPPDots per Pixel
DPPDupont Personal Protection (various locations)
DPPData Protection and Privacy
DPPDigital Pulse Processor
DPPDemocratic People's Party (South Korea)
DPPDivision of Purchase and Property
DPPDepartment of Public Policy
DPPDistrict Policing Partnerships
DPPDepartment of Public Prosecutions
DPPDirty Petroleum Products
DPPDogs Playing Poker
DPPDossier de Pratique Professionnelle (French: Record of Professional Practice)
DPPDirect Participation Program
DPPDeferred Payment Plan
DPPDark Passion Play (Nightwish album)
DPPDiscounted Payback Period
DPPDigitally Programmable Potentiometer
DPPDevelopment Partnerships with the Private Sector (Germany)
DPPDenver Pet Partners (Denver, CO)
DPPDevelopment Policy and Practice
DPPDrill Pipe Pressure (oil engineering)
DPPDivision of Psychiatry Products (US FDA)
DPPDivision of Parole and Probation
DPPDentin Phosphoprotein
DPPDendroctone du Pin Ponderosa (French: Mountain Pine Beetle)
DPPDomestic Preparedness Program
DPPDirect Purchase Plan
DPPDisaster Prevention and Preparedness
DPPDelinquency Prevention Program (various locations)
DPPDeployment Prescription Program (US DoD)
DPPData Patch Panel (US DoD)
DPPDowntown Phoenix Partnership (Phoenix, AZ)
DPPDoctor Patient Partnership
DPPDistributed Production Program (US DoD)
DPPDyfed-Powys Police (UK)
DPPDigital Personal Property
DPPDepartment of Professional Practice
DPPDeveloper Partner Program (software)
DPPDistributed Parallel Processing
DPPDuplicate Primary Payment (Medicare)
DPPDining Philosophers Problem
DPPDétermination du Projet Professionnel (French: Determination of the Professional Project)
DPPDamage Prevention Program (various programs)
DPPDefect Prevention Process
DPPData Processing Program
DPPDigital Pen Paper (various companies)
DPPDuchenne Parent Project
DPPDetailed Project Program
DPPDirect Payment Plan
DPPDelinquency Prevention Pilot (Los Angeles, CA)
DPPDuPont Pharmaceuticals (USA)
DPPDirect Private Placement (investments)
DPPDedicated-Path Protection
DPPDollar Phone Pinless (calls)
DPPDefense Program Projection
DPPDisposable Plotter Pen
DPPDevelopment Partner Profiles (UN)
DPPDisaster Preparedness Planning
DPPDeveloping Patient Partnership
DPPDeveloping Policies and Procedures
DPPDisaster Preparedness Project
DPPDance Party Productions
DPPDeprogram Program (Israli music website)
DPPDeliberate Planning Process
DPPDedicated Procurement Program
DPPDisabilities Prevention Program (NCEH)
DPPDiocesan Pastoral Plan
DPPDesignated Priority Program (New York)
DPPDictionary Parsing Project
DPPDigital Picture Processing
DPPDirect Participation Plan (finance)
DPPDistributed Processing Peripheral
DPPData Project Plan
DPPDemocratic Peace Proposition
DPPDeferred Prosecution Probation
DPPDelegated Production Program (DIA)
DPPDistributed Pre-Planning (restoration method)
DPPDisaster Processing Procedures (FEMA)
DPPDoctrine and Pastoral Practices
DPPDifference Pulse Polarography
DPPDevelopment Process Plan
DPPDiscount Power Pack (leasing)
DPPDocument Preparation and Production
DPPDepartment Policy & Procedure
DPPDistributor Policies and Pricing
DPPDefense Planning Projection
DPPSerif Draw File (file name extension)
DPPDigital Preprocessor
DPPDiploma in Law - Paralegal Practice
DPPDominated Path Pruning
DPPDistribution Power Panel
DPPDial Plan Provisioning (Cisco)
DPPDielectric-Filled Parallel Plate
DPPDelivery Planning Package
DPPDewan Pemuda PAS (Parti Islam Se-Malaysia; Malay: PAS (Islamic Party of Malaysia) Youth Council)
DPPDaily Practice Problem (education)
DPPDetailed Production Planning
DPPDivisión de Protección de Personalidades (Spanish: Division of Protection of Persons; Guatemala)
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A commentator has pointed out that all his appointments to the justice cluster, namely the chief justice, the national commissioner of police, the minister of police, and now the national director of public prosecutions, are from his ethnic background--Zulus.
Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Emily Kamau on Friday told the press some of the cases include the Angloleasing scandal.
The figures released in response to a Freedom of Information request showed the Director of Public Prosecutions paid [euro]237,749 to the three barristers on the prosecution team for the trial and court appearances going back to October 2013.
Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders said: "We'd like victims to be reassured we don't routinely get cases wrong."
And he revealed that the director of public prosecutions has taken an interest and is to contact Northumbria Police to raise concerns.
Keir Starmer QC, director of public prosecutions, said Ibrahim had disgraced the CPS through a serious breach of trust.
* TRAGIC PAIR: The parents of Jade Rice and Daniel Atkinson, above, met the Director of Public Prosecutions
Ms Purdy, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, won a landmark legal victory last year that forced the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to spell out the circumstances in which relatives would be charged for helping someone to die.
As Keir Starmer QC, the Director of Public Prosecutions, prepared to publish the final version of his guidelines, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said it had received nearly 5,000 responses to the interim policy.
Sir Ken Macdonald, who was director of public prosecutions for much of Mr Blair's premiership, accused him of "sycophancy" towards Washington and using "alarming subterfuge" to mislead the British people into the conflict.
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