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DOLIDeptartment of Labor and Industry (Virginia)
DOLIDate Of Last Inventory
DOLIDepartment of Labor and Immigration
DOLIDirectors and Officers Liability Insurance
DOLIDesai On-Line Institute (West Hartford, CT)
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The CPA should also require that the company maintain comprehensive directors and officers liability insurance and employment practices liability insurance, preferably separate from the D&O coverage, with appropriate limits of liability and deductibles so that their personal assets will be adequately protected.
Combine that with the fact that a number of major insurance providers have become insolvent and Chubb Insurance no longer offers Directors and Officers liability insurance (commonly referred to as D&O), cooperatives and condominiums are faced with a grave situation in protecting themselves against catastrophic occurrences and litigious action," says Albert F.
The changing scene of directors and officers liability insurance necessitates those of use who have an interest in the subject to become acquainted with the latest available source material.
Tenders are invited for Liability Insurance Executive Management (DIRECTORS And Officers Liability Insurance) Of Athens Metro Sa.
Proferes is vice president and deputy underwriting manager, Directors and Officers Liability insurance, The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies (
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