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DLADrive Letter Access
DLADefense Logistics Agency
DLADisability Living Allowance
DLADiffusion-Limited Aggregation (fractal)
DLADoctor of Liberal Arts (artistic degree)
DLADispositif Local d'Accompagnement (French: Local Device Support)
DLADirected Learning Activity (education exercise)
DLADigital Library and Archives (various universities)
DLADestination Logical Address
DLADate Last Accessed
DLADemocratic Left Alliance (politics; Poland)
DLADense Linear Algebra (mathematics)
DLADirecTV Latin America (satellite television)
DLADonate Life America (health donors)
DLADépartement de la Langue Arabe (French: Department of Arabic Language)
DLADislocation Allowance
DLADental Laboratories Association
DLADelaware Library Association
DLADirector's Loan Account (UK)
DLADistribution and License Agreement (software)
DLADate Limite d'Action (French: Deadline for Action)
DLADavies Landscape Architects (UK)
DLADeputy Legal Advisor (India)
DLADow, Lohnes & Albertson (est. 1918; law firm; various locations)
DLADivision of Library Automation
DLADigital Linear Actuator (measurement equipment)
DLADark Legions Archive (gaming)
DLADepartment of Legal Affairs
DLADate of Last Activity (credit history)
DLADirect Link Ads
DLADaily Living Activities
DLADriver Limiter Amplifier (satellite communication)
DLADriver License Agreement
DLADeputy Launching Authority (RNLI)
DLADamped Lyman Alpha System
DLADirect Letter Access (Hewlett Packard software)
DLADrive Lock Assembly
DLADouala, Cameroon - Douala (airport code)
DLADiseased Leaf Area
DLADielectric-Loaded Accelerator
DLADynamic Loading Approach
DLADigital Light Amplifier
DLADielectric Loss Angle
DLADiode Laser Array
DLADynamic Link Assignment
DLAData Link Address
DLADaily Living Allowance
DLADouble Logarithm Approximation
DLADiscrete Lens Array
DLADaily Living Assistant (group health care worker)
DLAData Licensing Agreement
DLADeferred Life Annuity
DLADiscrete Loss Approximation (simulation)
DLAData Level Adjust
DLAData Link Acquisition
DLADischarge, Linkage and Aftercare
DLADynamic Local Area
DLADesignated Landing Area
DLADynamic Liquid Alternative (finance)
DLADestroyer Leader Association
DLADan Lipman and Associates (display manufacturing; Locust Valley, NY)
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Claimants aged 65 years or over on 20 June 2016, and children up to 16 years, will continue to be entitled to Disability Living Allowance where they meet the eligibility criteria.
Henwood denied the allegations, claiming at trial that, while she and her husband lived at the same address, they were still "separated" and that her claim in relation to her child's disability living allowance was a "mistake".
And a higher proportion of people are getting the highest rate of financial support for daily living under Personal Independence Payment than Disability Living Allowance.
Up to 60% of families with a disabled member live below the poverty line while Disability Living Allowance is a vital source of income for 240,710 disabled people in Wales; 142,730 of these (59%) are working age disabled people.
Eligibility Anyone who receives the Higher Rate Mobility Component of the Disability Living Allowance, or the War Pensioners' Mobility Supplement can simply exchange their allowance as the simple monthly lease payment for a new car.
Prosecutor Rebecca Dennis said Webb had claimed pounds 17,000 of disability living allowance between 1994 and 2005, and pounds 43,000 of incapacity benefit between 1996 and 2005.
But the disability living allowance is given regardless of wealth and income.
A report entitled Reaching Its Target, compiled by the Social Policy Research Unit at York University, looked at children receiving Disability Living Allowance for mobility and care needs.
The alleged offences occurred between February 2013 and February 2015 when Barber claimed employment and support allowance, housing benefit and disability living allowance.
While Maria Hughes was competing in national tournaments, she was claiming benefits including Disability Living Allowance, a court heard.
On the paper Laura Jolliffe had written: "The Department of Work and Pensions has withdrawn the Disability Living Allowance from my blind, deaf, mute, wheelchair user daughter.
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