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DRGDiagnosis Related Group (Medicare reimbursement model)
DRGDigital Raster Graphic
DRGDorsal Root Ganglion
DRGDigital Rights Group (various locations)
DRGDelaware Resource Group (Oklahoma City, OK)
DRGDragoon (Final Fantasy XI, gaming)
DRGData Retention Gated Ground
DRGDigitized Raster Graphics
DRGDisaster Response Group (US FEMA)
DRGDeutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft (German Empire Railway)
DRGDavid Ray Griffin (author)
DRGDisaster Resource Guide (resource; California)
DRGDivision of Research Grants (see CSR, NIH)
DRGDisability Reference Group (various locations)
DRGDistance-Regular Graph (mathematics)
DRGData Retention Gated-Ground (energy reduction circuit design technique)
DRGDistant Red Galaxy (astronomy)
DRGDorsal Respiratory Group
DRGDevelopment Resource Group
DRGDisease-Related Group
DRGDragon Knight (video games)
DRGDomestic Readiness Group (US White House policy coordination group)
DRGDistrict Response Group
DRGDefense Research Group
DRGDesign Review Group
DRGDirection Régionale du Génie (French: Regional Directorate for Engineering)
DRGDevelopmentally Regulated G-Protein (biomedicine)
DRGDegrees, Radians, Grads (key on scientific calculators)
DRGDigital Ranging Generator
DRGDeskin Research Group
DRGDesign Review Guideline (software)
DRGData Receiver Group
DRGData Request Groups
DRGDisplay Request Group
DRGDétection de Rupture de Gaine (French: Detection of Fuel Failure; nuclear energy industry)
DRGDeutsche Röntgengesellschaft eV
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The guidelines for the Disability Inclusion Grants have been informed by feedback from the Disability Reference Group and I thank them for their thoughtful consideration of how this program will complement existing grants.
The board's Disability Reference Group, which gave advice during the design and building phase of Morriston Hospital, was given a tour of the facilities prior to the public opening earlier this year.
Im pleased to announce Dougie Herd as the new Community Chair of the ACT Governments Disability Reference Group. Mr Herd brings more than 30 years experience as a disability rights advocate, non-government organisation leader and disability public policy innovator.
The Disability Reference Group provides advice to the Minister on policy development and how to create a more inclusive community.
Over the next year, the Disability Reference Group will provide advice on the ongoing implementation of the NDIS in the ACT, the National Disability Strategy 2010-2020 and the development of a Disability Justice Strategy.
I look forward to working with Mr Herd and the other new and ongoing members of the Disability Reference Group as we continue to peruse our objective of making Canberra a more inclusive and engaged city for people with a disability.
Ms Williams, a specialist in discrimination law, also provides pro bono work for the Royal Association of Disability and Rehabilitation, Cardiff Equalities Group and Wales Disability Reference Group, as well as working with the children's charity Barnardo's.
The ACT Government has appointed eight new members to its Disability Reference Group to provide high level advice on issues affecting Canberrans with a disability.
These new members bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Disability Reference Group during this time of significant change in the policy environment.
I look forward to working with the new and continuing members of the Disability Reference Group and receiving their counsel as we strive to improve the lives of those in the ACT with a disability, their families, and carers under the National Disability Strategy 2010-2020.
In addition, there are representatives from Mortality, Morbidity and Functioning and Disability Reference Groups.(2)
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