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DFLEDidactique du Français Langue Étrangère (French: Didactics of French as a Foreign Language)
DFLEDisability-Free Life Expectancy
DFLEDementia-Free Life Expectancy (geriatrics)
DFLEDependence-Free Life Expectancy (health)
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Changes in cardiovascular disease are responsible for nearly half of the overall increase in disability-free life expectancy over this 15-year period--0.
Disability-free life expectancy at birth for males in the UK increased from 60 years in 2000/02 to 62 in 2004/06, the figures showed.
After seven years of follow-up, people with a BMI of at least 25 but less than 30 had the greatest disability-free life expectancy.
For most developed countries the life expectancy at birth has shown little increase over the last two decades and the focus of research appears to be shifting from mortality to morbidity, more specifically to the measurement of active or disability-free life expectancy at particular ages.
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