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DFODepartment of Fisheries and Oceans (Canada)
DFODesignated Federal Official
DFODisaster Field Office (US FEMA)
DFODerived Format Object
DFODispatcher Failover
DFOData Flow Object
DFOData Flow Operator
DFODarkfall Online (online gaming)
DFODivisional Forest Officer
DFODairy Farmers of Ontario (Canada)
DFODirector of Financial Operations (various organizations)
DFODirector of Flight Operations (airline rank)
DFODistillate Fuel Oil
DFODirect Factory Outlet (Australian retail center)
DFODistrict Forest Office
DFODartmouth Flood Observatory
DFODrilling Fluid Operator (offshore oil & gas)
DFO1,8-Diazafluoren-9-One (forensic chemical)
DFODirector of Field Operations
DFODolphins Fanatics Online (football website)
DFODone Fell Out
DFODislodged Foreign Object (gaming; World of Warcraft)
DFODeutscher Falkenorden (German Falcon Order)
DFODes Filles en Ovalie (French: Girls in Rugby)
DFODiesel Fuel Oil
DFODigital Fuel Optimizer (RevTech motorcycle fuel control system)
DFODell Factory Outlet
DFODonor Funded Operation (World Bank)
DFODate File Opened (US DHS)
DFODone Fell Over
DFODining Facility Operation
DFODistance from Origin
DFODungeon Fighter Online (video game)
DFODivisional Finance Officer
DFODocumentation for Operations
DFODuty Field Officer (UK)
DFODumb Freakin' Operator (polite form)
DFODiploma in Front Office (various educational institutions)
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North Carolina Disaster Field Office, North Carolina Emergency Management State Emergency Response Team.
* The disaster field office is the primary venue in affected states for coordinating response and for coordinating officers to collocate, along with Federal agency regional representatives and state and local liaison officers.
* The emergency response team is the principal interagency group supporting the Federal coordinating officer in the overall operation, located at the disaster field office.
For long-term activities, FEMA appointed a special coordinator within the disaster field office.
In the early days of the operation, the disaster field office and headquarters agreed on a procedure to review rapidly the need for policy variances.
On-scene consequence management activities will be supported by the local and State EOC, which will be augmented by the ROC or Disaster Field Office, and the Emergency Support Team, as appropriate.
But all Gordon had to do was place a phone call to the FEMA disaster field office located in Davenport.
In addition, Telecommuications Devices for the Deaf/Speech-impaired (TDD) are provided on an 800 number at a Disaster Field Office for disaster victims who must use a TDD to communicate their application for federal disaster assistance.
They are working diligently to establish contact with the telecomm vendors in the area to get telecommunications up and running in the Disaster Field Offices and Disaster Assistance Centers.
Disaster Field Office (DFO)--The office established in or near the designated area to support Federal and State response and recovery operations.
Coordinators of this Promethean enterprise had to make sure activities and decisions by agencies in Sacramento jibed with those by agencies 200 miles away at the Disaster Field Office (DFO) in Mountain View.
In the four weeks that she was there, LeConey worked on establishing jurisdiction over crew remains, handling financial and interagency coordination issues with the Federal Emergency Management Administration covering search and recovery issues in 29 states, coordinating a Department of Justice site visit to Barksdale, and overseeing data handling and impoundment procedures at Barksdale, Lufkin, Texas, and Carswell, disaster field offices.
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