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DPBDepartment of Planning and Budget (Virginia)
DPBDaily Press Briefing
DPBDiffuse Panbronchiolitis (lung disease)
DPBDomestic Purposes Benefit (New Zealand)
DPBDecoded Picture Buffer
DPBDefense Policy Board (US DoD)
DPBDocteur du Pare-Brise (French: Doctor's Windshield; cars; Canada)
DPBDeutsche Pétanque Bundesliga (German sports club)
DPBDental Practice Board (UK)
DPBDr. Pepper Bottling (beverages)
DPBDistrict Planning Board (India)
DPBDrive Parameter Block
DPBDesignated Professional Body (UK)
DPBDiscounted Payback (Period)
DPBDigital Paintball (Halflife paintball modification)
DPBDiffusion des Productions Basques (French: Basque Broadcast Productions)
DPBDienstelle für Personen mit Behinderung (French: Agency for Persons with Disabilities; Belgium)
DPBDonald P. Bellisario (TV writer, producer, director)
DPBDeployable Pursuit Boat
DPBDeposit Protection Board
DPBDouble Positioning Boundary
DPBDevice Parameter Block
DPBDigital Pulse Blanking (RF Interference Mitigation)
DPBDivision Property Book
DPBDivision of Particle Beams APS
DPBDirect Product Basis
DPBDeposit Policy Basis
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The payback (including discounted payback) model of investment appraisal continues to be the most favoured by practitioner (see, tables 1 and 2), with fifty-nine (i.e.
Assuming a capital investment of $15 million, the discounted payback period is just slightly over 2 years.
We distinguish between the DCF techniques (NPV, IRR, APV, and the discounted payback period) and the non-DCF techniques (the DCF variable has the value of one if the response to at least one of the four DCF technique questions exceeds two, and zero otherwise).
$ 41,216 Equipment service contracts Equipment depreciation $ 1,000,000 Consruction depreciation $ 12,000 Software/Interface depreciation $ 6,000 Other test related expenses $ -- Indirect expenses $ 3,070,781 Total Operating Expenses for Tests $ 25,102,451 Net operating Cash Flow $ 1,677,854 Depreciaton Add Back $ 1,018,000 Net Cash Flow $ 2,695,854 Cumulative Cash Flow Discounted Cash Flow $ 2,064,419 Financial Analysis Total Capital Investment $(1,018,000) Total Discounted Cash Flow 2,064,149 Net present Value @ 7.00% $ 1,046,149 Acceptable Internal Rate of Return 29% Acceptable Hurdle Rate 11% Return on Investment 62% Discounted Payback Period 3.6 Years vs.
The solution lies in performing four analyses: critical constraint, loss probability, present value and discounted payback. When identified and cross-checked, this process determines optimal retention levels.
The following financial calculations are conducted for each analysis: Cost Savings, Total System Cost, Simple Payback Period, Discounted Payback Period, Net Present Value, Life Cycle Cost, Cost of Business as Usual, Savings to Investment Ratio, Internal Rate of Return, Levelized Cost of Energy, and Greenhouse Gas Reduction.
In the past the project committee has done this for electricity use by applying a life-cycle discounted payback using a weighted average electricity consumption cost (in other words, a flat rate) for the U.S.
It is now possible to extend the NPV to include the discounted payback period, the discounted payback index and, at last, to arrive at a marginal growth rate.
Instead, they had to settle for discounted paybacks of 25-30 percent with real estate options in lieu of the entire balance of the debt.